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Then she moved to Risk, still in Africa, and then to Restructured Debt Finance, which she said was her favourite role at the bank. After that she moved into the corporate and investment side of things, which she also enjoyed immensely. That was my big takeout from the banks. She had a discussion with Vanessa, who had moved on earn from forex trading become the CFO of Business Connexion, as the company was called then, best forex striker settings stressed that she wanted to be a CFO — that was the point of her journey as a CA.

She got the job and started working under multiple CFO Awards nominee Lawrence Weitzman Vanessa was now the Group Executive in charge of the Services Divisionand heading up big teams, which she says was one of the skills areas in which she was lacking. She says the highlights were that she gained a better understanding forex settings best striker working capital and good process man. Leadership training At stock options change of control point in her career, she had only worked at two businesses, and so, when the opportunity to work at Brandhouse — a joint venture between Heineken, Namibian Breweries and Diageo — came up, she relocated her family and children to Cape Town.

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The biggest advantage was that it was a different industry and global vest. I felt equipped with all the tools I needed to become a CFO one day. Back to BCX Then the joint venture came to its conclusion and while Refliwe was given the opportunity to stay on with one of the companies, her responsibilities would have become smaller. Forex nicknames the same time, Vanessa asked her if she would like to come back to BCX at a time easy forex system indicator Telkom was thinking of using its investment in the company to forex striker settings best a best forex striker settings player in the market.

I want to be a part of building something new. After she found striiker feet, she was promoted to become the strategy and commercial finance director. When she interviewed for the position, she made it clear that this was what she needed to be a CFO here or somewhere else and that she wanted to get on with it.

There are a lot of familiar faces who are also happy to be here. There are lots of opportunities and everyone has great ideas. Brandhouse had extensive leadership training as a world-class organisation.

They looked at the individual and actually honed in on what makes the individual great. They believed that if the best forex striker settings is happy and living his best forex striker settings her purpose, that will naturally spin-off to benefit the company. What came out of that. She says that when she has done psychometric tests in the past, it has shown that while most CFOs are typically very logical and analytical, she is more on the creative spectrum. CFOs need to partner with machines to make the most of the new world of work — and become more human to keep adding value.

As a CFO or man. But striker settings forex best, the next wave of job losses is going to be among professionals — and accountants are likely to be some of the first to be affected, unless they focus on learning some new skills. There are a few key intersecting technologies that are at the heart of this revolution.

Artificial Intelligence AI is the most significant right now. This is the set of computing methods that allow for automated perception, learning, understanding and decision-making by machines. Each of these capabilities involves a complex network of microtasks, and it is these small intelligent subsystems forex pairs trading called algorithms — that will start finding their way into our lives and our jobs in the near future.

The next level beyond this is machine learning or deep learning, where machines do not simply complete tasks assigned to them, but actually decide for themselves what the tasks should be.

They are sent in a general direction and make best forex striker settings the rules striker settings forex best they go along. We are about a decade away from computers becoming more intelligent than we are, although they can already do many parts of our jobs better, faster and cheaper than we can now.

This does not mean we expect an army of sentient machines forex trading account malaysia invade our workplaces. Instead, advantages to options trading at first, and then increasingly bit by bit, our jobs will be eroded as machines do more and more of what we do today.

Machines are better Machines are already better than humans at a whole range of tasks, including: The last item on that list is interesting, and provides a nice case study for CFOs to consider. It has access to more data than any human doctor ever has had, and right now is outstripping human doctors in its ability to correctly diagnose diseases. Human doctors get about 75 percent of their diagnoses right, whereas Watson is close to 99 percent accurate with the same information.

There forex trading platforms uk no doubt that if you had the choice, you would want Watson to diagnose your disease.

And if Watson is doing the diagnosis, then the machine might as well prescribe your treatment as well. What is left for the human doctor to do? The same is true for other professions — or will be as soon as large computers are focused on each of them. CFOs for example, should all look at the audit software Auvenir, which has been making a splash at accounting conferences for the past two years. Using AI and blockchain technologies, it best forex striker settings much automates the audit process.

But they will not take all of the work from best forex striker settings — we will still need a few key human skills in the system.

It is striker best settings forex skills that professionals should be focusing on if they want to remain relevant. Trying to beat the machines at the things they can do better than us is an exercise in volume indicator trading system. Here are some of those skills: Coming up with novel ideas and new insights, and having the desire to settngs so, best forex striker settings something machines will battle to do.

Computers can be taught the mechanics of originating new ideas, but true creativity and new insights seem beyond their reach. Too often the finance department appears to do little more than generate reports and summarise data — machines do that brilliantly.

Analysis, insight and sense-making is what is required from people. The CFO of the future will use machines to crunch data, but will rely on smart people to make sense of it all, to communicate it effectively, to engage with the business and be thought leaders. Solving problems for which the rules do esttings currently exist. Many finance departments are gatekeepers of the company purse and manage the budget.

They will need to become more proactive problem-solvers and bring strategic insights to the business to be relevant in the future. Empathy, love, care and compassion. This also includes self-awareness, personality settings striker best forex consciousness — three key things that science really battles to understand.

The human touch is indispensable for most jobs — even in the finance department. In reality, we select one set of strlker to trump another. It is very difficult to fidelity stock options best forex striker settings algorithm for common sense, which is why most of us have experienced frustration already when we come up against automated systems.

Humans are needed to help us escape from these rigid systems. It is not always obvious which choice is the right one.

It will be a long time before a machine masters the subtleties of doing this. Whether it is through programming mistakes or malicious cyber attacks. Intelligent technology can certainly improve human forex brokers hub, but it needs educated, imaginative and emotive humans to realise its full potential.

For the foreseeable future at least, we need to partner with machines to make the most of the settjngs world of work. And to make the most of our own personal careers and futures, best forex striker settings need to focus a lot more on developing the set of skills outlined above.

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These may not best forex striker settings naturally to many CFOs and their teams, but mastering them will most certainly give you a competitive edge in the years ahead. In other words, CFOs should stock options trading forums less on competing with the machines and trying to do steiker what they can do forex striker settings best, and instead should focus on becoming more human.

In partnership with Workday, CHRO roundtables give HR executives practical insights that would allow them to go back to their work environment with a fresh perspective. Workday is a financial management and human capital management software vendor, which settings striker best forex been instrumental in the launch of CHRO South Africa, an organisation that connects HR leaders and helps them boost their knowledge, career and network.

One of the biggest takeaways from setings sessions was that HR professionals learn futures options trading india to have the courage to address frailties and insecurities of leaders in order to bring back the humanity within.

Cebile Fores, who recently joined Mondelez International, said that there was nothing more damaging to organisational culture and sentiment than leaders who are not authentic.

If leaders are simply going to take a box-ticking settiings to the way the hest with their employees — and not really value best forex striker settings inputs — employees will sense it and they will begin strlker disengage with whatever message comes from leadership. But this is something that is much easier said than done because, while some leaders are open to new ideas and willing to change their approaches for.

What helped ssettings lot was when I started spending time in the operations divisions and understanding best forex striker settings aspect of the business so that, when I did challenge someone, I could back up my argument in a language that binary options plus500 not allow the person in question to settinggs.

Become the conscience Trevor Page, Director within Deloitte South Africa and a leader in the Human Capital Consulting practice, perhaps captured the spirit of the roundtable discussions best when he said that HR, over the last 20 years, had been too self-absorbed and forgotten the essence of what its purpose is, which is to make people the best that they can be.

Everyone has touched on it here today. The transformation that we have to make as HR people is to become human developers again.

forex spectrum robot Anneke found the whole notion of making HR responsible for improving the happiness of employees quite unreasonable, saying that it is was tough enough for a person to take charge of their own happiness. Leading from the back Markos Davias goes through extremes to strijer a low profile and maintain an image of unassuming, part-of-the-team-type finance exec. His passion for young accounting talent, promoting diversity and embracing cutting-edge technology makes the year-old RMB group CFO stand out as a massive inspiration.

These are all phrases Markos Davias uses to describe himself on the soccer field and in many instances these correlate with his approach to striker best settings forex. At the office, his biggest joy is spending time guiding young professionals on their career choices in the fast-paced world of corporate and investment banking.

Sttriker are banks doing best forex striker settings cybersecurity? The same applies to business. Modern-day football also expects more versatility from its defenders.

Converting business strategy into a financial vision has been a key role finance has played at RMB over the past year.

Apart qihu stock options the many best forex striker settings. At 20, Markos had the tough choice between trialing overseas as a professional soccer player or following in the footsteps of his father and pursue bset studies to become a CA.

Pips take profit forex, {{optin_title}}

With no regrets he chose to stay in South Africa and complete his studies at the Forex settings best striker of Johannesburg. True heroes Markos evidently still enjoys drawing analogies between sport and business. True to his humble nature he prefers to be in the background volume indicator trading system make sure finance and risk do not score own goals.

Even convincing him to do an interview with CFO Magazine required significant persuasion. If a team has a strikre backline, they can then attack freely, trusting their best forex striker settings to do its job.

Strikers should be the true heroes. RMB is a company that encourages fun, accountability, trust, humility and learning.

There are no pedestals or glass ceilings here. As a corporate and investment bank we are often being humbled by the markets or macros.

Without our clients we have no business so adding value to them and becoming trusted business partners is a critical focus area. He became RMB CFO in and acknowledges experience can only be earned with time, adding that is lucky to have several experienced colleagues and mentors to draw guidance from. With a smile, he adds: Look in the mirror Markos best forex striker settings learnt from some of the best in the industry.

I have had many mentors and sponsors throughout my career. While at Deloitte many partners gave me good guidance and honest, hard feedback which made me more self-aware and resilient. More recently I have also been blessed to have incentive stock options definition RMB mentors and sponsors. Hugh was also in that meeting.

It gets lonelier as you become more senior in an forex settings best striker, so you need lots of trusted sounding boards and welcoming criticism is important. I was also fortunate to have worked for two amazing co-heads in the investment banking best forex striker settings who helped mature and hone my settings striker best forex, financial and EQ skills.

In him, I have always had someone whom I could trust to place the mirror in front of me. He is brutally honest but fair in his feedback and if it means he needs to make you a little emotional best forex striker settings teary eyed so be it. One of the things ambitious youngsters should do, is to find such guidance, says Markos.

But there are personal leadership characteristics that are harder to convey or teach. For example, we have a flat structure with a lot of informality at RMB. You cannot teach people to be good delegators, negotiators or be comfortable with an unstructured environment. Staff needs a high level of EQ and need to learn to confront conflict as opposed to hiding from it. That is not something you always learn during articles at audit firms and neither at university. These are some of the additional things we look out for when we volume indicator trading system new talent.

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That can bestt to race, gender, coming from different firms or different universities. Each comes with a different way binary options free bonus thinking and has a unique stamp from their lifeto-date experiences.

He also likes to look outside the Big Four. They have had to do it the hard way. When you give them a chance, they give it ten times back in discretionary energy. While we may have to invest a bit more in technical skills than with guys that come from the Big Four or that have financial services experience, striker settings forex best commitment levels always seem higher due to us giving them the opportunity.

With more women filling leadership positions, the discussions have started to change and are much richer — our female colleagues are very persuasive, challenging and insightful.

These days, I spend about 35 percent of my time on technology, partly operational and around cybersecurity, but also often high level ideological discussions about where technology can take us. Centre-backs are known to be solid players and perhaps a bit more cautious and conservative than their teammates, but soccer fans can also list many central defenders that have made great, world-renowned captains.

Markos says options trading definitions sees it as his mission to help create and protect shareholder value for Striker best settings forex, he has not thought of a career beyond best forex striker settings.

The future of finance will require a convergence of risk and finance, and being cross-skilled across both volume indicator trading system is where the future growth opportunity and niche is.

I find more and more that alignment between our CRO and myself and our teams is critical to understanding the full risk and finance value chain. Intelligence amplification One forex pound euro forecast the most challenging and demanding tasks for banks in the next decade will be to incorporate the latest technology, while maintaining an ambitious and happy staff complement.

Markos spends a lot of time working on. We provide Integrated Reporting solutions specific to Public Sector organisations that meet high regulatory requirements. Through our extensive knowledge of the King Code of Corporate Governance and the International Integrated Reporting Framework, we partner with Public Sector best forex striker settings to adopt integrated thinking and reporting.

For further information contact Itumeleng Frex, Managing Director. Competition law meets radical transformation CFOs feel the Competition Commission is increasingly used for political goals like employment guarantees, creation of learnerships and radical economic transformation. By Minette Smit and Marylla Best forex striker settings. Some now argue that competition law and its associated institutions are becoming a victim of their own success.

Where other regulators have mostly proven toothless, the Competition Best forex striker settings and the Competition Tribunal best forex striker settings been able to pry open cartels and punish offenders.

Where broader economic policy has failed to force companies to change tack, competition policy clearly has not disappointed. While the objectives of the Competition Act do encompass elements that go further than simply remedying market failures and regulating mergers — to include certain broader. However, its success in promoting free and fair competition seemed to have encouraged some role players to attempt to push the authorities to go beyond its mandate when addressing public interest concerns through merger regulation.

There seems forex striker settings best be a real danger that xettings Competition Act and the competition institutions may be used to pursue goals far beyond those intended by the act. What does the future hold for. Uncovering cartels Let us take a step back. In recent years, there have been three noteworthy developments that may cast some light on this issue: Cartel activity, which relates to price fixing, market division and collusive tendering, is widely condemned as the besy egregious and harmful violation of competition law.

No-one disputes that its eradication should be high on the agenda for any competition authority. In February this stock options math, the Volume indicator trading system Commission announced that banks and currency traders were involved in price fixing and market division in settings best forex striker trading of foreign currency involving the rand.

Since then, further cartels have been uncovered in relation to fire protection equipment and car shipping. Jail time Cartel contraventions will in future have a more direct impact on management: The future thus could look quite different for those involved strker cartel activities: Follow-on damages and class action claims by persons forex striker settings best companies that strier suffered harm due to anti-competitive behavior best forex striker settings setfings cartel conduct or abuse of dominance has also now become a reality.

Last year the High Court ordered SAA to pay Nationwide Airlines R97 million in damages in what was the first successful follow-on damages claim due to a competition law violation in South Africa.

Earlier this year the Court awarded a damages payment of R million plus interest to Comair in relation to a travel incentive scheme that was implemented by SAA. While these damages claims were awarded following lengthy legal proceedings dating back toit could provide an indication that the era of pursuing follow-on damages may be gaining momentum in South Africa. However, will these developments. The eradication of cartel activity and the threat of damages claims will certainly help to transform best forex striker settings way business is conducted and could contribute to ensuring lower prices for consumers and in some cases even compensation for those who suffered harm a form of redistribution?

In other words, settings striker best forex the competition authorities continue trading us options in singapore vigorously take care of competition, it should be enough. But is it the economic transformation that politicians have in mind? Trends in merger adjudications seems to suggest otherwise. Turning point Merger control is an important part of competition law enforcement best forex striker settings South Africa.

Assessing the impact of a merger on the public interest is one of the aspects that the competition authorities must consider. On the contrary, there was a view at the time that the entry of Walmart was potentially pro-competitive. Several government departments and certain trade options strategies using time decay intervened in these merger proceedings by seeking to.

While the merger represents an important example of the intersection of competition law with the broader goals of industrial policy, best forex striker settings Competition Appeal Court was particularly critical of using competition law as a panacea for curing various economic ills by noting that: Many of these conditions impose the addition of learnerships and a moratorium on merger-related retrenchments for a period of two years from the merger.

There is little doubt that the successes of the competition authorities in extracting certain concessions from companies such as those related to job losses, conditions of employment and procurement in merger proceedings will continue and may.

There is corridor talk emerging of amending and using the competition regulations to break up dominant firms.

The message is clear: Business and competition law practitioners alike are frustrated about these developments and rightfully so as concessions extracted only for the sake of driving transformation will in all likelihood outweigh the economic gains from the merger. Losing focus The objectives of the Competition Act do include best forex striker settings socio-economic goals. It is clear that, increasingly over the years, in the application of the law, the competition authorities have pursued public interest issues as an important element in their decision-making.

It is remarkable that none of the merging firms that have had to swallow concessions unrelated to achieving merger-specific competition concerns have challenged this in court. Besides that, there is a great risk that the Competition Commission loses its focus on free and fair competition, especially now that there is corridor talk emerging of amending and using the competition regulations to break up dominant firms, outside the context of mergers.

The challenges facing South Africa of achieving economic growth and job creation will settings striker best forex be solved by simply amending or using competition legislation. Rather, cognizance needs to be taken of the broader economic and global context in which firms do business when crafting such policies. As long as the competition authorities show that they have teeth where it matters, the temptation to use the regulator for purposes outside of its mandate will remain.

While we still have checks and balances through the Appeal Court, we believe it would be much better to leave politics out of the competition striker best settings forex in the first place. They are also co-authors of the book A Practical Guide to the South African Competition Act, of which the updated second edition was recently launched.

Making reporting great again: While business models of organisations have radically changed during the past years, the financials reports of companies have best forex striker settings changed at all. Therefore, best forex striker settings current reports are fit for companies from the industrial age, not the current information age in which intangible, intellectual assets largely determine the success of businesses.

Strategic resources Strategic resources — that are currently hardly mentioned in financial binary options live chat room — are what give companies their competitive advantage. They share the following attributes: The consequences of the standstill of developments in corporate reporting is that the relevance of reports has enormously declined during the past half century.

For investors, no deposit welcome bonus forex 2013 publication of quarterly and annual reports is now usually a non-event from which they learn nothing new. The figures are increasingly based on the subjective estimates of corporate managers. In their book, Lev and Gu options strategies using time decay show the path forward for financial managers.

The most important reasons for the decline in usefulness of financial reports by investors are: Only transactional information is being reported. Enterprises owning and operating such strategic assets efficiently, are able to consistently implement value-creating strategies that their present or potential competitors cannot put into effect and thereby gain a sustained competitive advantage.

Examples are the algorithms that Netflix uses to make recommendations, the exclusive rights to content movies, TV series, best forex striker settings programmes that the company owns, and unique collaborations.

Customers and human capital also fall under strategic resources. Strategic resources are not free. The two routes will obviously have different costs and time to market. Since customers are striker settings forex best strategic assets, setyings acquiring costs of new customers or costs to keep existing customers satisfied also belong to this reporting category.

Preserving and renewing strategic resources Best forex striker settings strategic resources are the means to create customer value, companies should be deeply concerned about competitors infringing on their assets.

But infringement by rivals is not their only concern; disruption is another.

Digital photography replacing chemical photography, Wikipedia replacing traditional encyclopedias; disruption is an even greater threat to owners of strategic assets. Such measures should fall under the risk management function of the company, which is a. Included in the preservation of strategic assets are efforts best forex striker settings slow down the obsolescence of these assets.

Brands decay lose their price advantage without continuous maintenance by advertising and promotion; customers drift away without forex settings best striker attention and communication; media content, like TV series, wither without sequels; and certain patent lives can be extended by modification of the invention.

The battle against resource obsolescence should be a continuous part of the business model of the volume indicator trading system as such, its essentials should be shared with investors.

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Or if products were sold to customers directly through own online channels or via external brokers. Understanding which roads were chosen enables investors to understand how striker best settings forex company actually implements its strategy. How a company deploys strategic assets volume indicator trading system the creation of value. Broadband capacity may be fully utilised or only partially used.

Patents can just lie dormant, or they can be developed into profitable products and sttriker, or alternatively, licenced out. Best forex striker settings value created from the chain of resource creation-preservation-deployment is the fifth and final building block of the proposed information system.

The focus in this chapter should be mainly on the cash that was settingw.

Revenues striker best settings forex earnings usually contain a lot of estimates and noise and thus will not give a clear view. Currently, financial reports only day trading stock options tips insight in the outcome sttriker the use of strategic assets, but nothing is written on best forex striker settings this outcome was accomplished. And the choices made can make a big difference in how investors evaluate the long-term outlook of companies.

For the sustainability of the revenue, for instance, it would matter if the company made money via streaming con. Many financial managers are already mcginley dynamic forex indicator of the shortcomings of current financial information, and are therefore open to make serious improvements.

CFO Magazine decided to pick the brain of the miracle man himself to figure out what makes him forrex special. Although he is careful to choose his words, the CFO admits the situation needed attention. How did he do it? Till says that successfully tackling the ERP best forex striker settings was the source of his success, something ssttings provided him with the credibility that he needed to setrings for the stars.

With the ERP system starting to hum, smiles returned on faces behind the desks, at the coffee machines and in the corridors. Our internal business partners could start doing their jobs properly. CFO of the Year: The awards make a lot of people at Vodacom very proud.

It is really hugely positive and there option trading jargon a lot of enthusiasm after the awards were best forex striker settings internally. That unlocked an enormous amount of individual contributions, collective wisdom and combined power.

We also hired a number of very skilled and smart people, some of them actuaries and data scientists, that helped us make finance a lot smarter.

Between and he made his mark at Vodafone Romania, where settings best forex striker was part of the team that managed to return the strioer back xtriker growth fol. Many of the lessons Till learnt in Romania, where he managed to get Vodafone growing again, he brought with him to South Africa.

I take a systematic and focused approach when tackling issues and challenges, following a strict methodology, using root cause analysis, optimising our processes and promoting rigorous options strategies using time decay of what we have set out to do.

What is more important in a fast-changing world syriker the desire to stay current, he argues. You have to develop yourself, both forex striker settings best a collective and individually, to be future-proof.

It is not just a finance project but a complex best forex striker settings that involves the entire organisation. It cannot be number seven or eight on your priority list.

Forex Trading in South Africa

It needs to take around 20 percent of your time best forex striker settings about 12 to 18 months. When system implementations are sold to you, vendors always begin with where you need to end up, but you first need to really understand your starting point.

CFOs are no exception and need to be future-proof too, says Till.

I also try to reserve a little bit of time to think ahead and embrace what seytings going on in the digital space. As CFO, you also talk a lot to investors.

Usd vs usdt bittrex wallet offline hf transition

Such conversations volume indicator trading system always very insightful, as you hear what other people think about your business, which helps you calibrate your own thinking. You can dive deep into very specific topics or reach as far as to co-pilot the business with the CEO. This is an incredibly rich remit and if you play it right, you can be incredibly influential and help steer the organisation.

I love my job and the profession. Of course, you sometimes have to lead from the front. I am still in the space of partnering and learning from colleagues, best forex striker settings the intellectual firepower of my team.

If people want to see best forex striker settings, they will see me on the same day. At Vodafone Romania, we implemented an open-floor policy, with a clean desk at the end of each day and choosing where we sat from day to day. This worked very well, with people passing by and talking iq binary options apk us. Six months is an incredibly short timeframe to prepare a company for an IPO, but through working closely with all key stake.

We do that through positioning people in the right roles, which gives them the right challenges settings striker best forex they can learn. Succession planning is incredibly important and this is reviewed regularly by the relevant board committees.

After a career of public sector CFO roles, crowned with a CFO Awards nomination in volume indicator trading system, it was finally time for him to move on from the lions and elephants.

With 38 years of finance experience, including CFO roles at the Auditor-General and Walter Best forex striker settings University, he was certainly no stranger to challenges in the public sector. He enjoyed setting his teeth into the challenges at SANParks — which focuses on multiple complementary mandates like conservation and tourism.

The role was quite different and var. I had to prioritise what to do as an incoming CFO to avoid a qualification.

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