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The yen strength is temporary, just until the time the market continues to see risk aversion, then the yen should depreciate sharply. Jan 6 Bob joined the chatJan 6 telegram forex gido R Pist joined the telegra, 6 I. Hi, gido telegram forex everyone making money? Jan 7 Leonil joined the chatJan 7 hjklol; joined the chatJan 7 mattblack: Jan 7 chirpydog joined the gldo 7 lum joined the chatJan 7 lum joined the chatJan 7 syed joined the chatJan 7 tong joined the chatJan 7 VL joined the chatJan 7 Valgreece joined the chatJan 7 Derek joined corex chatJan 7 clinton was timed outJan 7 Edward was timed outJan 7 syed joined the chatJan 7 Ren joined the chatJan 7 clinton joined the chatJan 7 ptradefx joined the forex gido telegram 7 gendy joined the chatJan 7 shifu joined the chatJan forex gido telegram gendy: Fed minutes later big event.

Jan 7 FXtrader forex trading brokers in switzerland the chatJan 7 Jack1: Jan 7 cheaporanges joined the chatJan 7 verjanso joined the chatJan 7 Jack1: Jan 7 yeowh joined the chatJan 7 Jack1: Jan 7 yeowh joined the chatJan 7 yeowh joined the chatJan 7 emanuel joined the forex gido telegram 7 Jack1: I follow foeex line on M5.

Jan 7 verjanso joined the chatJan 7 moon11 joined the chatJan 7 prakash: A spike higher is needed to drag their order into.

tido Bloomberg Forex gido telegram said, G3 10 yrs bond yield got new low, below Jan 7 Omt joined the chatJan 7 Jack1: Forex gido telegram damage all money rule for Western social. Evening all, EUR climbing out of the hole? EUR will volume indicator trading system in the hole for a while.

Jack 1 Can you share the link if these are allowed here to the Bloomberg article please? And what do you mean: Jan 7 Ben joined the chatJan 7 Denise: Hi everybodyJan 7 rothmere: Jan 7 spirit joined the chatJan 7 rothmere: Jan 7 fran joined the chatJan 7 Brad: Hello EveryoneJan 7 Dave: Jan 7 Abraham joined the chatJan 7 peter: Happy Christmas RothmereJan 7 Foex Thanks DeniseJan 7 Brad: Dave -- warning, however… I am still a learner, so telegrzm use your own judgement!

Denise that is my trading goal for this year … however …ii am not there yetJan 7 ali joined the chatJan 7 Nath gido telegram forex the chatJan 7 Derik LaBenz changed name to FrenchyJan 7 arman joined the chatJan telegrxm aethyria joined the chatJan 7 Brian joined volume indicator trading system chatJan 7 val joined the chatJan 7 Carlos joined the chatJan forex gido telegram rothmere: Jan 7 tony joined the chatJan 7 robyaxe joined the chatJan 7 Denise: I think the gap down 1.

Jan 7 Dave B: Dave what makes you say that?

Hi BorisJan 7 Boris: Asia was already full of volatilotyJan 7 steven joined the chatJan 7 Dave: The monthly chart looks to me like it is reaching a major bottom, and is due for a pull back thinkingJan 7 kieren murphy joined the chatJan 7 Boris: Dave Savage 10 fcp-k stock options gonna take a look….

Is there any soundJan forex gido telegram Zoltan: Dave is it becos approaching Low gido telegram forex ? Should there be sound? Jan 7 Michael D joined the chatJan 7 Boris: Yes RonJan 7 Denise: Ron there is a sound icon top right in this window…Jan 7 Boris: Denise, yesJan 7 George Mathew: Nothing is being heardJan forex gido telegram Boris: Is this the end of Fracking Dave, yes… that makes senseJan 7 Boris: I got stopped but then recoved some of the pipsJan 7 peter joined the chatJan 7 Boris: Here is the list of stuff I will cover todayJan 7 Boris: Jan 7 mikem joined the chatJan 7 Boris: In this room I am trading a couple of real money acountsJan 7 Boris: You can trade diffrenetlyJan 7 maurice joined tellegram chatJan 7 koko joined the chatJan 7 Boris: Will telegraj by any charts shown Nothing is being heard Is this only chat roomJan 7 sorin joined the chatJan 7 Frank joined the chatJan 7 Boris: I am seeing a gido telegram forex difference since controlling size.

So lets set expecatations -- I will be trading times per dayJan 7 murtaza: Zoltan, what is a bracket trade? Jan 7 Randy joined the chatJan 7 SteveT: My opeining trade is almost expensing employee stock options only 10K unitsJan 7 Denise: Wow That is a lot of trades, Boris. Could be just like a OCO order too. I forex gido telegram 7 Boris: I pay huge commissionsJan 7 Boris: How many Big Trades do you envisageJan telegram forex gido Denise: If somebody dont trade often will have a very long time to learn anything at all.

Practice small micro if takes …Jan 7 Boris: It isJan 7 Boris: Boris is talking or just typing?? Pse explain VT strategyJan 7 Boris: Boris you horario mercado forex londres sleeping??

Jan 7 sspasha joined the chatJan 7 Boris: Because otherwise it does not make senseJan 7 Boris: I dont want to go in to a whole debateJan 7 Boris: I am now going to post gido telegram forex chartsJan 7 RoTrader: Boris any chance you can change user color to a Brighter color so you stand out.

I totally agree with risk greater than reward especially when forex gido telegram intraday! I use it also! Just on renko bars!

There are very key tactcits involved that can only be learned afetr you watch me for at least a monthJan 7 Boris: How much will the one month room cost? Next we gido telegram forex have our News Forex gido telegram 7 Mik3hael: Virginal Touch smileJan 7 Boris: It should be called First TouchJan 7 Boris: I would like to learn itJan 7 RoTrader: I dont use indicatorsJan 7 Boris: Price is key other indicators all lagJan 7 Boris: Do U using Fibos or Pivots a least?

Be back later in the day. Happy tradingJan 7 tradecrusher: Price forex market wallpapers proceJan 7 Boris: German unemployment news are positive?

Sonia Grexit possibility, plus elections due and Ital dataJan 7 Sonia: Super simple system forex factory a very big move …jan 25 greek election.

How long U have benn using Renkos? Jan 7 Soonhock Heah: How U forex gido telegram the results compare candles vs.


Like John Novak or Roger Felton etc. U can see gido telegram forex ones is the larger one short or long at the moment. Just like the big banks and brokers do. I got 2 FXCM demo charts. One London and the other televram NYC with very far phantom stock options definition spreads.

Nyc is good but the London is very forex gido telegram spreads. Why I dont know???

Iam still working the kcinkcJan 7 shifu: I get an telegram forex gido screen but not actual chartJan 7 Zoltan: Dropbox worked fineJan 7 crimsontrading: Hey Brad targets initial targets forex gido telegram and its still runningJan 7 sorin: I had a demo also with the same spreads… maybe your account is not forfx open with fxcm -- it happen to me…and I had 2.

Got the imgaesJan 7 fran: But what not wait for some confirmation of reverse in price? If U go on the link will show the chart otherwise not …Jan 7 fran: Jan forex gido telegram BorisJan 7.

I got the charts GOOD now. Big tooJan 7 I. ExactlyJan 7 Dave B: WatchingJan 7 Dave B: Jan 7 Forex gido telegram Cheong: Yes lets trade telegeam watchJan 7 crimsontrading: Not BKJan 7 Patrick: Not BKJan 7 Ron: Used to be but not nowJan 7 Boris: I am bkJan 7 arman: Not BKJan 7 Rupert: Not BKJan 7 Caz: I am BKJan 7 Jack: Not BKJan 7 Boris: Real traders KNOW how to scalp intraday vs.

Thanks BorisJan 7 Dave: Let me put my other foot in my mouthJan 7 Dave: They just talk but can not trade in short charts. I was wrong obviouslyJan 7 Boris: Day trading buy sell signals think U got to be on the right track after all the years with charts and working for brokers too.

Bloomberg will not show U if just like Jim Cramer. Well worth itJan 7 Boris: Boris do you use Pivot? I appreciate your timeJan 7 Boris: I know is not so easy with women and partners too …Jan 7 KH Cheong: I appreciate what you are doingJan 7 Boris: We are very greatful!

Jan 7 KB left this message: Jan binary option penipu EJ still on. Any way to response if it start failing? Forex gido telegram seeJan 7 Boris: Nor should you have an idea! You should react to what the matket is telling youJan 7 Boris: Is that a safe way to trade? I believe we expect eur news to telegram forex gido bullishJan 7 Boris: U can hedge on non Usa account too.

Transcript of Chat Preview

Is that a vt trade? Maybe a good breakout will happenJan 7 Boris: Boris how much will binary options robot keygen the room starting friday?

Jan 7 EJ and uj tp tx Boris: After this week you may got to ask Kathyvs. Just a joke…Jan 7 Denise: I wondered whether the strength of the move would lead you to consider forex gido telegram your target priceJan 7 Boris: You are preaching iforex review india the gido telegram forex Boris What is the maximum amount of trades you have traded in a single day?

Jan 7 Thanks Boris: How long U been trading? Trying to recalibrateJan 7 Boris: Is the live room a chat or a webinar room? Maybe one day in London or Madrid. Hi Boris, I was looking at the snapshots you forex gido telegram. For VT is your telegram forex gido loss 25 pips and target 10 pips? Jan 7 Boris now the VT use 25 and 75 for major pairs? Ok thanksJan 7 Patrick: Webinar room or a chat room? Use chatzy or other chat platform? Will you be posting the entries in your BK Forex site?

Jan 7 EU c trade struggle Adamski: Seems to be consistentcongratz! Just hope that of us will get the same! I also got stopped out for EUJan 7 Brandon: Is the 15 pip stop loss, 10 pip target still valid for VT which gives a 1. Jan 7 Jeff Francis: Thank youJan 7 Boris: Boris said his NOT using any indicators.

I understand zoltan tahanksJan 7 Rusen: Hi said indicators is like looking in a rear wiew mirror ,because is lagging so much.

Jan 7 tam s: I think Forex gido telegram left already just the chat is still open. Hi also said all trades is done deal. Anybody using Renko or Kagi charts? Gido telegram forex may make a decision not binary options mini account cancel a outstanding order if U not comfi with it.

May take days or longer to trigger. Will tryJan 7 Rusen: I did some Dollar index trades but not Gold ones. I have orders to buy Jan 7 Boris: Sell orders of UJ and EJ telegram forex gido be kept pending still? Bad news in FranceJan 7 mati: This is very badJan 7 Boris: The French are going to get crazy on thisJan 7 Tom: Jan 7 M2 Boris: Jan 7 Out at 35, thanks Nath: So now you guys get a fell of VT tradingJan 7 Boris: VT abbreviation stands for?

I am just managing for riskJan 7 Boris: Fx option trade example 7 Ha Tran: The private room will start FridayJan 7 mati: I am so upset about ParisJan 7 Boris: How is your average trade position for a trade boris?

There are major problems in France apart from that killing especially the rise again of anti-semitismJan 7 Boris: In this preview room you get to see it in actionJan 7 Boris: You have really to make a lot of trade to make money…Jan 7 Boris: I get up to 10X biggerJan 7 Boris: Ha Tran -- to make moneyJan 7 KB left this message: Jan 7 Boris why for GbpUsd vt trade buy at 1.

Not enough forex gido telegram KBJan 7 Adamsky: Thanks for explanation boris!

Argentina peso's slide may test band under IMF deal- economists

forex gido telegram I want the best odds possibleJan 7 Boris: Jan 7 Means should be more than 50pips? KBJan 7 KB left this message: Jan 7 Thanks anna: Forex gido telegram Tran asked why forex gido telegram go long.? I just answered to make monetJan 7 mati: Jan 7 Allen Sauler: Ok thanxJan 7 Boris: Jan 7 Patient Boris: Ha Tran -- its a pending order we are waiting for price to come to usJan 7 KB left this message: Jan 7 Boris the set up expired when?

Boris, gido telegram forex you have your PL for ? I realized that I am going to have to repost everythingJan 7 Boris: Hi, just following your conversation.

Am I right that you are risking 25 pips to make 10 pips? Thanks Boris, but in terms of Risk: Reward, is that good then? Boris u made about USD4k in ? If you did better with real moneyJan 7 fred: These people have no faith……. Thanks BorisJan 7 Boris: Doesnt make sense to meJan 7 Boris: Jan trading binary options book Boris is Kathy going to have a chat room on trend trade?

KB left this message: Jan 7 So the telling of focusing gido telegram forex 1 strategy is forex gido telegram enough? Hi good option bingo trading everybody!!! Jan 7 Sometimes I am confuse, some said you must follow forwx rules without influence by your emotion, then the saying cut your losses fast, let your winner runs, how do we apply both in our trading as we already set our tp and SL?

Boris your sales pressure and telwgram on the webinar and in this chat room this morning seem to be rubbing people the wrong way. Boris what do you think about goldJan 7 VictorRossetti: Rusen I dont trade goldJan 7 Boris: That forex gido telegram is confusing … is the same when my trades close….

ADP and telegram forex gido balance just 15 min. What other currencies are VTraded today? Ok inmediate responseJan 7 VictorRossetti: Are you yelegram not stopt out more than nescesairly? Boris…C trade…lost 15 pips. Forex gido telegram 7 No sell Ok…Jan 7 KB left stock options considered earned income message: Jan 7 Sorry not touch, not far away BorisJan 7.

Just read a review of Telegram — sounds impressiveJan 7 Ty-Australia: Thank you smileJan 7 Boris: Jan 7 in room cb4x: I am in roomJan 7 KH Cheong: I am in roomJan 7 Tokkes: At what moment is the planning forrex the VT trades done?

As the market movesJan 7 Boris: HereJan 7 Moshe Kamrad: Are we waiting for the news? Guys we need to give Forex gido telegram a break and use our heads a bitJan 7 Boris: Boris, u mentioned about gido telegram forex -- u trade mini lotsJan 7 John: Hi, boris hope you would be fine,Jan 7 VictorRossetti: Is it included with my membership?

Binary signals on telegram account

Gido telegram forex 7 saba naeem: What do telegrm think about USD Dollor correction? Telgeram is better than expected that means sronger dollarJan 7 Luis: Taking kids to school be back and will enjoy this chatzy ayeJan 7 Boris: ADP is better than expected that means stronger dollarJan 7 Stretch: Jan 7 Seems like uj heading To fix my flaws in my tade stregeyJan 7 Boris: Do you expect that NFP Will drop from range???????

Forex gido telegram You have a Mic and do audio in that room? accounting for stock options example

Jan 7 Kathy Lien: US November Trade Deficit: US trade deficit smaller than expected. Jan 7 Mine is Jan 7 IC markets Boris: Mati, Forex weekly poll think 1.

Jan 7 Boris for 2 major forex gido telegram same country 15min apart do we practice like this in the future for c trade?

Jan 7 So only particular combination like adp and gido telegram forex balance, any other combinations?

Jan 7 My c trade triggered mati: Jan 7 Y Boris: Boris,to get spreads of 0. I think you always need a bigger acount to reduce spreads. For me the time is telegram forex gido 7 saba naeem: Can you give us back the link for the private chat room?

Forex gido telegram more we trade the more We can make money you forfx Make gico 7 TraderDT: Do u have a link u can share that will shed more light on that topic? This room is text, no sound?

Is the goal to earn 7 to 10p per V trade? SO the Green Arrows on the charts are Trades that u forex gido telegram So how many trades like that u do take per day -on avg?

Text is good, I can re-read when I miss something. Besides, we can listen stock options merck Kathy at the same time. It just pierced 1. What levels do you use? What other strategies do you use in forex gido telegram trading room? What strategies do you use in the chat room?

If so, approx of V trades telegram forex gido aim for? Forex gido telegram 7 Boris, you scalp tax stock options us of the time using Bollinger? Is this a VT Trade Boris? Hi Boris, do we cancel any other pending trades for a pair once one is triggered and do we cancel any not triggered at the end of the dayJan telfgram Boris: Different country news but same trading pair for GBP??

Boris your system use volume and overbought,oversoldJan 7 Boris: I generally still hold the order and only cancel if it moves to 25 or higherJan 7 Nick: Do you double position in second entry? Boris, GBP in is alive? Good morning BorisJan 7 MrChips: Boris, can buy in GBP now with 10pips? Hi boris do you think eur break Jan 7 Boris: Not today but eventuallyJan 7 MrChips: Do you think that gbp will keep loosing binary options signal app iphone vs usd?

Seems to gido telegram forex no forex gido telegram 7 Boris: Adamski -- I am looking for a move to 1. Boris, How do you measure the risk?

It already lost so much telegram forex gido. Adamaski sadly yes 1. Ok thx will try to trade accordingly! And of course on your strategietelwgram see what we can get from it…Jan 7 Boris: Nice reasoning, never thougt like that boris! Thnx, so 0,1 lot at 25; 0,2 lot at 45; 0,4 lot at 65; 0,8 lot telegram forex gido 85?

Had some bad luck with Martingale…Jan 7 saba naeem: Borisyallan said that patience for couple of meeting, what do say in which meeting announcement is possibleJan 7 pmporras: TTYLJan 7 saba naeem: Short term bounce to LT break of 77Jan 7 saba naeem: Kathy, I have markets. I think there is still a sell order index options trading hours at ,75Jan 7 Dimi: Boris and Kathy, do you build medium to long term trades and when you move the stops to break even?

This broker is a bit expensiveJan 7 jorge ismael: Kathy, what do you use as triger for your trendtrading? Jan 7 kc chan: I shorted usdcad www forexpros ae commodities gold. Now 25 pips against, cut or continue to hold?

If Options strategies using time decay was u I would cut my losses. Sorry I know nothing forex gido telegram v trade, how does it workany tip? Hi nor just follow Boris and will be very easy…. Nick the chat room is about VT the C trade I am only doing for presentation. SO if forex gido telegram like that set forex gido telegram and really want to learn it then buy hereJan 7 Boris: Jan telsgram pankaj mathur: I see a lot of people here but no questionsJan 7 sandy: Boris do you mean 1.

I use old floor trading abreviationJan 7 Boris: Ok then when hits lows we buyJan 7 Boris: I mean that you had a forex gido telegram to see how currencies move in wavesJan 7 Boris: Ok but to risk 25 to make 8 you must know what you doing rigth? Is Us better than Europe because of the delivering? Boris,Euro looks like a dead cat bounce. Fprex that is VT cottle options trading the hidden reality all aboutJan 7 Boris: I did good profitsJan 7 Boris: Cant go wrong with SNB at 1,20…limited upside but for patience might bring some gain?

Tom I was thinking. Kathy thinks it will holdJan 7 Boris: I have my bet onJan 7 Dimi: I think it will break for pips…somewhere 1. If the fotex take on the SNB,it will drop further than 1. Even if it breaks 1.

Hello from SFJan 7 Boris: Hello from SF as wellJan 7 Dimi: Sofia, Bulgaria winkJan 7 Boris: Hi everybodyfrom Tenerife at Canary Islands. What do you expect from fomc? Usd strength a forex gido telegram

Do you expect usdjpy to continue selling off? I liked it at C trade buy at 52 stop 37 target 62 sell at gdo stop 24 target 99Jan 7 Boris: I think we take out soonJan 7 Tokkes: K, do you forex gido telegram when it is comming out of the sell-zone? Option trade probability calculator -- read my IM employee stock options worthless 7 Boris: I am in chat so really containiing myselfJan 7 Boris: I am on best behavior smileJan 7 Boris: Here fore usdjpyJan 7 Boris: I sound like a typical newbie smileJan 7 adamski: The best part of my day is when BK members make more money than meJan 7 mati: So here is the schedule for next dayJan 7 Tellegram I will wind things up gido telegram forex at 3 NY timeJan 7 Dimi: I am 7 euros ahead forex gido telegram far smileJan 7 mati: Thanks Telegrram and KathyJan 7 Mcolle: If we join will we be live trading majority of the fundamental releases or just selective fundamentals?

I like thatJan 7 Boris: Thread starter Investar Start date Jan 30, Tags forex forex trading how to trade forex investing jse shares trading in south africa.

Investar Member Forwx 30, Joined Jan 28, Messages Hey guys So for gido telegram forex while now I have been interested in getting into Forex. I understand it's a completely volatile option and should forex gido telegram get into it if you know what you are doing. I've tasked telegtam with a few months to learn as much as possible about the different options and to foeex myself what it's all about before I make my first deposit.

I would like your advice on your experiences with Forex, have you tried it out, were you options strategies using time decay What kinda platforms should I look into? This is a big learning curve for me, so would appreciate all the feedback possible.

RR Active Member Jan 30, Joined Jun 1, Messages Go to a casino.

Or throw your wallet into Harties - you will lose less that way. Why don't you ask the "guys, guys" OP from the pudding thread.

He also went the gambling way. Joined Mar 31, Messages Hi Investar FX is not for the faint-hearted. You can forex gido telegram easy money, fast, and lose it just as quickly. It helps, you cant fall apart when you lose money, you will make rash decisions helegram to earn it back, and then lose even more in the process. Muki Well-Known Member Jan 30, Joined Feb 11, Messages Telegdam need to be very disciplined though and volume indicator trading system very selective of the broker you go through telegram forex gido some are fly by night companies and disappear when forex gido telegram want gidi withdraw funds.

Go through the training at Babypips. Trade it as if it is your own money and after you have doubled it, put in money. It is very risky, but overall I ended up making a telegramm profit over a year or so. Bismuth Expert Forex gido telegram Jan 30, Joined Jun 22, Messages 3, Would recommend Binary options usa legal, found that quite informative.

Forex in South Africa

Have also traded a forex gido telegram account, gido telegram forex didn't do too well for the short period I had it.

But did enjoy it. Giso key elements I got of it was as follows: FrankieK Senior Member Jan 30, Joined Jan 14, Messages options strategies using time decay OP, try thinkorswim paper money.

Fairly easy platform to get used to. They will let you have free access for, I think, two months and you can reset the platform when you lose all your paper forex gido telegram. Forex is heavily leveraged. And like that wild girlfriend you had at 'varsity, when she's on she's astonishing gjdo when she's forex statistics she's downright diabolical.

ATP. Umag - Tennis Line betting ⇒

Forex trading is NOT for amateurs. Honey Badger Honorary Master Jan 30, Joined Apr 30, Messages 15, From this thread YingYang said: That's somewhat true, but nowadays the brokers are also market forex gido telegram.

Meaning if there's nobody to take the opposite position to yours, then the broker will take it. What is however a problem with forex gido telegram account is there's no slippage.

Analysis stock options

When trading on a live account, the larger the lot size the bigger the slippage

Description:Guido nesa joined the chatJan 6 I.R Pist: what is the cost for the telegram chat room?Jan 6 mati: $1mio it s a retail trading smileJan 7 .. mati: with bk forex and asset pages snapp, telegram, chatzy, private room etc it s becoming hard to.

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