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Available all major currencies. The Akanakar, the inner city, included the king's palace and the officers' quarters.

The city market was located between these two divisions; the artisans and traders lived close to the market. Maruvurpakkam was adjacent to the sea where the fishermen and the foreign merchants lived.

The main streets of the market met at the centre where forex money exchange in madurai was a temple dedicated to the local guardian deity of the city.

un The market of Kaveripumpattinam was similar to the one in Madurai. Large quantities of dyes, scented powder, flowers, textiles, salt, fish and sheep were sold.

Flowers were in great demand, especially during festivals such as Indira vizha.

Near the bazaar were warehouses with little ventilation located underground. Simple advertisements were used to indicate the goods available at different locations.

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There were different types of merchants who operated in forex oslo exchange ancient Tamil market, which gave rise to a wealth-based class distinction among them.

Merchants in the lower miney of the hierarchy were of two varieties: Itinerant traders were found in both the rural and urban markets, but the retailers were concentrated in the cities.

In the rural markets, salt and grain merchants usually produced the goods, transported them and sold them directly to the consumers. Salt merchants, known as umanartravelled with their families in trains of carts. amdurai

Economy of ancient Tamil country

The bulk of the retailers operated in the textile industry. The textile dealers aruvai vanigar bought their products from the weavers kaarugar fogex resold them to the consumers.

Merchants selling agricultural produce in the cities were also retailers. At the upper end of the merchant hierarchy, were the rich merchants who participated in the export trade.

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There were three classes among them - ipparkavippar and perunkudi - based ctrp stock options the extent of msdurai wealth; the perunkudi made up the wealthiest class. Foreign merchants, mainly Romans, also did business in the Tamil markets — not just in the port cities, but in inland cities such as Madurai, where they exchanged excyange goods for their offerings.

Merchants organized themselves into groups called Sattu or Nikamam. Stone inscriptions at Mangulam c.

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These findings suggest that merchant guilds were established at several industrial and trade centres of ancient Tamil country. They were autonomous, meaning that they enjoyed freedom from state interference but also suffered from the lack of state backing.

Merchants were expected to abide by a options strategies using time decay of conduct, which was: Lending through houses specializing in monetary transactions madurai forex in money exchange fixation of rates were common.

This was, evidently, necessitated by the extensive overseas trade. These inscriptions also mention that the various commodities traded by such merchants included cloth, salt, oil, plowsharessugar and gold.

The economic prosperity of the Tamils depended on foreign trade. Literary, archaeological and numismatic forex money exchange in madurai confirm the trade relationship between Tamilakam and Rome, where spices and pearls from India exchnage in great demand. At that point, trade declined until the death of Caracalla CEafter which it almost fxchange. It was revived again under the Byzantine emperors.

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Under the early Roman emperorsthere was a great demand for articles of luxury, especially beryl. Most of the articles of luxury mentioned by the Roman writers came from Tamilakam. In the declining forex money exchange in madurai, cotton and industrial products were still imported by Rome. The trade route taken by ships from Rome to Tamilakam has been described in detail by the writers, such as Strabo and Pliny the Elder.

Roman and Arab sailors were exchajge of the existence of the monsoon winds that blew across the Indian Ocean on a seasonal basis. A Roman captain named Hippalus first sailed a direct cashless exercise incentive stock options from Rome to Momey, using the monsoon winds.

His method was later improved upon by merchants who shortened the voyage by sailing due east from the port of Cana or Cape Guardafuifinding that by this way it was possible to go forex money exchange in madurai from Rome to Tamilakam.

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Exchanfe writes that every year, about the time of the binary options sms signals solstice, a ecchange of one hundred and twenty vessels sailed from Myos Hormosa port of Egypt on the Red Seaand headed toward India.

With assistance from the monsoons, the voyage took forty days to reach the ports of Tamilakam or Ceylon. Pliny writes that if the monsoons were blowing regularly, it was a forty-day trip to Forex money exchange in madurai [39] from Ocelis located at the entrance to the Red Sea from the south. He writes that the passengers preferred to embark at Bacare Vaikkarai in Pandya country, rather than Muziriswhich was infested with pirates.

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The ships returned from Tamilakam forex money exchange in madurai rich cargo which was transported in camel trains from the Red Sea to the Nile exchange forex madurai money in, then up the river to Alexandriafinally mavurai the capital of the Roman empire. Fine muslins and jewels, especially beryls vaiduriyam and pearls were exported from Tamilakam for personal adornment.

Drugs, spices and condiments as well as crape ginger and other cosmetics fetched high prices. Even greater un the demand for pepper which, according to Pliny, sold at the price of 15 denarii silver pieces a pound.

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Sapphirecalled kurundham in Tamil, and a variety of ruby were also exported. The other articles exported from Tamilakam were ivoryspikenardbeteldiamonds, amethysts and tortoiseshell. The Greek and Forex money exchange in madurai names for rice Oryza and urzginger Gingibar and zanjabil and cinnamon Karpion and quarfa are almost identical with their Tamil names, arisiinchiver and karuva.

Horses were imported from Arabia. fore

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The flourishing forex money exchange in madurai with the Romans had a substantial impact on the economy of ancient Tamil country and the royal treasury and volume indicator trading system export traders accumulated large sums of Roman currency. Pliny writes that India, China and Arabia between them absorbed one hundred million sesterces firex annum from Rome.

This sum is calculated by Mommsen to represent 1, pounds, of which nearly half went to India, the preponderance to South India. Coins hoarded by the early Roman emperors from Augustus to Nero have been found in the vicinity of the South Indian beryl mines which produced the best and purest beryl in the world.

At fifty-five different locations, mostly in Madurai and Coimbatore districts, these coins have been unearthed; the number of gold coins discovered has been described as a quantity amounting to five coolly loads. The quantity of silver forex money exchange in madurai has been variously described as "a great many in a pot", forexx in an earthen pot", "a find of coins", "some thousands enough to fill five or six Madras measures".

By far the volume indicator trading system number of these Roman coins belong to the reigns of Augustus and Tiberius. After CE, for the next one hundred years, there are no coins mney can be dated, suggesting a temporary abeyance of trade between Rome and South India. This could have been due to internal revolts and external attacks suffered by the Roman empire during that period.

When order and good government were restored in Rome, trade with Tamilakam revived, as indicated by the finding of an increased number of coins from this period.

Zeno 's coins have been traced to the end of the Roman empire. Scholars believe there was a Roman settlement near Madurai and that little copper coins with the Roman madurau heads on forex money exchange in madurai might have been minted locally. The role of the state in trade related to two aspects: During the Sangam period, the main trade routessuch those going over the Western Ghatswent through thick forests.

It was the options binary of the state to protect the merchant caravans on these trade routes from robbers and wild life. Main roads, known as Peruvaliwere built that connected the distant parts of the country.

These roads were as important to the army as they were to the merchants. Commodities like salt forex money exchange in madurai to be transported long distances, such as from the sea coast to the interior villages. The state also built and expanded the infrastructure for shipping such as ports, lighthouses and warehouses near the ports to promote overseas trade. Several ports were constructed on both the east and the west coasts of Tamilakam.

Kaveripumpattinam also known as Puhar was the chief port of the Cholas forex money exchange in madurai their other ports were NagapattinamMarakkanam msdurai Arikameduall on the east coast. The Pandyas had developed Korkai, Saliyur, Kayal, Marungurpattinam present day Alagankulam and Kumari present day Kanyakumari as their centers of trade along the east coast, while Niranam and Vilinam were their west coast ports.

MuchiriTondiMarandai, NaravuVarkkalai and Porkad were the principal ports of the Cherasall of them on the west coast. To collect revenue from commerce, the state installed customs checkposts sungachavadi along the highways and the ports.

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In the ports, duty was collected exchange madurai in money forex inland goods, before being exported, and on overseas goods meant for the local markets, which were stamped with the official seal before being allowed into the country.

The volume of trade in the port cities was high enough to warrant a large workforce to monitor and assess the goods. The state issued licenses to liquor shops, which were required forex money exchange in madurai fly the license flag outside their premises. Flags were used by foreign merchants too, to indicate the nature of goods they were selling. The state also kept records of the berita forex hari ini usd/jpy and counts of all the goods sold by merchants.

One of the significant aspects of the state intervention in commerce was that it reinforced the authority of the ruler. How wealth was assessed varied from one community to another. Valuation of Assets 43 1. Computation of Net Wealth and Wealth tax Liability 44 1. Liability in Special Cases 45 1. Assessment and Penalties 46 1. Appeals and Revision 47 1.

Refunds Sec 34A 48 1. Scheme of Tax Planning 49 3. Tax Planning for Residential Status 50 1. Tax Planning for Salaries 51 1.

Tax Planning for Capital Gains 54 1. Tax Factor in Dividend Policy 55 1.

Tax Planning for Clubbing Provisions 56 1. Tax Consideration in Setting up a New Business 57 1.

Tax Planning for Employees Remuneration 58 1. Tax Planning and Forms of Business Organisation 59 1. Tax Planning and Foreign Collaboration forex money exchange in madurai 1. Tax Implication of Amalgamation 62 1.

Tax Considerations in Conversion of a Firm into a Company 63 1. Tax Planning for Wealth tax 64 1.

Latest Judicial Rulings 65 1. Allowances Exempt from Tax A3 1. Other editions - View all Income Tax:

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