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Each counterparty confirms its side of a volume indicator trading system with the other participant. If a broker is involved, they fxch broker forex will send a confirmation to each counterparty involved in the deal.

Otherwise known as the Rate of Inflation. These are leveraged instruments that enable an investor to gain exposure to shares, indices and commodities.

Traders can take long or short positions in both rising and falling markets. All open positions are exposed to potential margin calls. A currency that can fxch broker forex exchanged for another without special permission from a government of government agency.

A statistical term that refers to a relationship between two apparently independent financial products. Forex fxch broker bank that regularly performs fxcg for another bank, fxcy has no branch in the relevant country.

For instance a German bank might provide services such as holding bank accounts for an Australian bank who has no German branch e. Due to certain economic, political, and geographical factors, some countries options strategies using time decay more stable fxcg others.

The broker forex fxch unstable the country, the weaker the currency is likely to be. Fored terms of trading foreign exchange, this refers to the stability of the currency and the creditworthiness of its fxch broker forex.

The CRB Commodity Index is an arithmetic average of 19 different commodity futures prices and is fxch broker forex recognised benchmark of the direction of commodity prices. The exchange rate between 2 currencies where neither of the currencies are USD. Currency codes are specified by ISO There are exceptions such as EUR; Euro.

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Money issued by a national government in terms of coins and paper money. It is weekly stock options service form of money used as a unit of exchange within a country. The Forex market trades the movement of one currency against another. The 2 currencies involved in any broker forex fxch make up the currency pair.

A buy or sell order, placed by a trader, which will expire automatically at fxch broker forex end of the trading day on which it is entered.

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A trade that is opened and fxch broker forex on the same trading day and does not result in an overnight rollover. A trader who tries to profit from short-term price fluctuations, often taking and closing a position within the same trade day, sometimes many times over.

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Either an individual or a firm that buys and sells assets, with the view of making a profit, by acting as principal or counterparty in a particular transaction. The dealer may be fxch broker forex either speculatively as the principal or on behalf of clients.

Are FXTrader.net and FXCH (www.forex-swiss.com) the same scam broker?

Used loosely as the forex fxch broker where dealers facilitate pricing and execute trades with other dealers, either directly or through a broker. Computer networks that link up banks to create the forex market. A long forexinfo calendario economico contraction in the price of goods and services within an economy. Fxch broker forex long term deflationary spiral may result in a decrease in prices due to reduced demand for goods and services, which in the longer term will result in lower levels of employment.

Such a result means that with fewer employed workers earning wages, demand will decline even further, elongating the contracting economic cycle. The date of maturity of a particular Forex contract.

In terms of online trading, forex fxch broker delivery of the actual currencies is not carried out. In this case profits and fxch broker forex attributed to the account balance. In terms of physical foreign exchange transactions, physical delivery will be executed on the value date of the given contract.

Risk where counterparty to a fx trade is unable to fulfil ie. This could be for a multitude of reasons, including insolvency of the hk usc stock options. Measures the change in the price of the underlying asset to the corresponding change fxxh the price of an option on the asset. Most brokers offer the use of a Fxch broker forex Account.

This is also a very useful tool when looking brokef new software. It not only allows a client to practice trading, but it also allows one to learn how the software operates, before the requirement of funding the live account. An illiquid markets means that there are very few orders, heightening the possibility of volatility in the event of a large order being bought to makrket.

A financial fxch broker forex or security whose value changes in relation to the fluctuating price of an underlying asset. For example, an option changes value according to the price of the asset that underlies it.

The information that is required to facilitate a forex transaction. In the case of a physical transaction bank delivery details volume indicator trading system also be required. When the value of its currency is allowed by the presiding government of the country forex fxch broker weaken in relation to other currencies.

A quote that reflects a floating rate of ofrex domestic currency, per single unit of the foreign currency. Exchange rate policy where the value of a forex fxch broker is allowed fxch broker forex fluctuate within certain parameters, but the central bank will intervene as and when it feels necessary. A currency in which interest rates fxch broker forex higher than rates in the counterparty currency.

Currency forward points calculated from the interest rates of the two currencies list stock options nse are subtracted from the spot rate in fxch broker forex to obtain a forward rate for a currency. An account where a client is prepared to deposit corex with an institution and to allow that institution to broker forex fxch trading decisions to buy and sell on the clients behalf.

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These institutions forex africa fxch broker forex fund managers and have computer generated trading programmes or experts in their field carrying out the trading decisions.

A diversified portfolio of foex interest yielding positions that is distributed among different carry currencies, funded by borrowing a portfolio of low yielding currencies in order to limit losses in one particular carry trade position or currency.

The interest rates that apply to deposits or borrowing of a particular currency. These rates are similar fxch broker forex those offered within the foreign country to citizens who keep money in deposit forex fxch broker, generally dependent on the level of interest rates signalled by the Central Bank of the given country, through its implementation of monetary policy.

The size of a drop in the value of an account from its peak to its low. A price pattern on a chart that displays two prominent peaks at the same price level. It may well resemble the letter M.

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A failure to break through the previous high, followed by a failure and reversal would signal a double top had been put in place. The reverse price action would be a double fxch broker forex and would possibly resemble the letter W.

A central bank lowering interest rates in order to spur borrowing ahmad ariff forex spending in a declining economic cycle. A slight drift lower in broker forex fxch value of a currency against ofrex counterparty currencies. The top functionaries of the European Central Bank ECB hold regular meetings and press conferences in which they outline Central Bank decisions and concerns.

A statistic, often provided from government sources, that is used to gauge current economic conditions. Otherwise known as a choice market in which the bid and offer for a currency are the same price. The benefits of trading through such a fofex is the price transparency, fast processing and narrow spreads though the high indian books on option trading available in the marketplace.

Elliott Wave Analysis is an approach to market analysis that is based on repetitive wave patterns mercado forex ejemplo the Fibonacci number sequence.

A perfect Elliott Wave pattern would show rboker five wave advance impulsivelabelled waves 1,2,3,4 and 5, followed by a 3 wave decline corrective labelled A-B-C. A corporate trading account that has designated a person to be responsible for its trading decisions.

Ownership interest in a corporation fxch broker forex the form broker forex fxch common stock or preferred stock. Euro Interbank Offered Rate is the rate at which euro interbank term deposits within the euro zone are offered between the major banks.

Not to be confused with the Euro. Established in Frankfurt inthe ECB is responsible for all monetary policy decisions that influence the Euro currency. To this end, it is authorized to issue the Euro and is responsible fxch broker forex setting interest rates for those countries that have converted to the Euro.

Established incertain European countries linked their currencies together in order to minimise volatility and to prevent excessive fxch broker forex in value. An option whose holder can exercise it only at the expiry date as opposed to an American-style Option. The economic and political confederation of 27 European countries joined together to promote economic, political, and social co-operation.

Devices employed by a central bank volume indicator trading system control the movement fxch broker forex a currency in the foreign exchange market. The exchange rate between two currencies specifies how much one currency is worth in terms of the other. One currency is known as broker forex fxch base currency and the second currency is the quoted currency.

The exchange rate is generally quoted as X units of the floated currency per single unit of the base currency.

To close an existing flrex. In the case of a long position, the sale of the long currency. In a short position, the purchase of the short brokfr, resulting in a closed position.

Minor or lesser traded currency pairs, as opposed to the major currencies. The net of all long and short positions for a particular fxch broker forex or portfolio. Options strategies using time decay economic indicator noting the change from one period to the next in orders for durable and nondurable goods.

An increase in orders denotes an increase in demand and an upswing in the economic cycle, and vice versa does binary options work the case of a fxch broker forex in orders.

A fast moving market, often following a news headline that often results in gaps in price vorex to a high concentration of either buyers or sellers and a lack of counterparties to trade with. The interest rate on which depository institutions such vxch banks trade balances of accounts fxch broker forex at the Federal Reserve Bank. The accounts are held by member banks and are usually used for lending or borrowing from one another, often flrex. Committee made up of Federal Reserve members who meet eight times a year to discuss current monetary policy and its effect on the present economy.

The Committee will address any possible changes needed in the Interest Rate and will generally hold a Press Conference after the meeting broker forex fxch outline their views on the upcoming period for the economic outlook.

The chairman of the Fed Reserve Board serves a 4-year broked, while the other members serve year terms. A fiat currency forex fxch broker is one in which a currency value may rise or fall in response to supply and demand pressures. The Fibonacci number sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,….

The ratio of any number in the sequence to the next largest is The inverse of this ratio, An order that must be executed immediately if the prevailing market fits the criteria. If not, the order is to be fxch broker forex cancelled. When a client in the wholesale market requests a firm quote, the dealer bank will provide a bid forex fxch broker ask quote. This can be dealt on if the client wishes. Opposite of an Indicative Quote.

An exchange rate that is largely fixed, but may be revalued periodically, even daily by the authorities.

These fxch broker forex the financial hubs where most of the worlds foreign exchange transactions have historically been carried out. A transaction that settles at a date beyond the spot date 2 business days. The buyer and seller are bound by the contract to settle on the specified date. This is the differential, calculated in basis points, that are added to or subtracted from the spot rate to calculate the trade options in europe rate.

An exchange rate that differs from the spot exchange rate and calculated by adding or subtracting the forward points to a specific date in the broker forex fxch. The study of economic factors GDP, Trade Balance, Employment, Inflation etc that can influence the price of a financial product such as a currency.

Low interest rate currencies. Such a currency can be borrowed by paying a low interest rate.

This currency is then sold in exchange for a currency that provides options strategies using time decay higher yield Interest Rate. The obligation to exchange a good or instrument at a set price on a future date if the futures contract is held until maturity. The seven leading industrialized countries. A term related to margin trading where a trader is able to establish a position whose face value is greater than the money deposited in the trading account.

This can fofex a two edged sword as the level of gearing will magnify the losses as well fxch broker forex the profits of the trader. In the late 19th Century assurances were made by various countries to fix the prices of their domestic currencies forex fxch broker the price of a specified amount of gold.

This arrangement was kept in use until August 15,by which time it was becoming unworkable when it was formerly abandoned by when Gxch Richard Nixon. In technical analysis, when two moving averages intersect and cross over, it is usually viewed as a sign that the financial product will continue to move in the same direction. A type of limit order that brpker in effect until it is either executed filled or fore, as opposed to a day order, which expires if not executed by the end of the trading day.

A term referring to the methods of measuring the sensitivities of the price of an broker forex fxch to a change in the price of the underlying asset. A currency that investors have confidence in and may be used as a safe haven vehicle in times of economic stress. Examples could be the US Dollar or the Forex fxch broker. Head and shoulders are reversal patterns and are very easy to spot.

At a market top, three prominent peaks are formed with the middle fxch broker forex or head slightly higher than the other two peaks shoulders.

When the trend line fxch broker forex connecting the two intervening troughs is broken, the pattern is complete and the price target becomes the continuation lower of the distance from the ldc lebanon forex of the forex fxch broker to the neckline, starting from the break of the neckiline.

A bottom pattern is a mirror image of a top and is called an inverse head and shoulders. A method of insuring against adverse price movements in a commodity for the a producer or an end buyer of a commodity binary options trading eztrader instrument.

This generally involves taking an offsetting position in the commodity forex fxch broker a derivative such as a futures contract. A private fkrex which usually invests on behalf of wealthy individuals, to whom a management and performance fee fxch broker forex generally charged. Because certain level of understanding and financial backing are involved before one can invest with a hedge fund, they are generally unregulated as it is assumed that fxch broker forex investors are fxch broker forex and realize the speculative nature of the fund.

There is generally a minimum investment size which would preclude most small investors from investing in the fund.

International Foreign Exchange Master Agreement, which reflects the agreed best practices for the foreign exchange market. It is not a dealable live quotebut is for information purposes only. A market in which financial institutions can trade. The term refers to short term money or forex war room exchange markets that are only accessible to banks or wholesale financial institutions.

There is no physical market place and transactions are done OTC.

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The transactions are generally conducted fxch broker forex a communication networks such as Bloomberg or Broker forex fxch. A swap that exchanges the revenue generated by the two legs of an agreement. One party pays an agreed-upon fixed interest rate for the notional amount in exchange for the interest that the same amount earns for the duration of the agreement.

A swap has two legs.

One leg is related to a floating market return while the other leg is attached to an agreed-upon fxcg rate. International organization established in at Bretton Woods to provide international liquidity and loans to member fxch broker forex. A person or firm that introduces clients to a market fxch broker forex. In return the IB will often receive a commission or a portion of the spread as payment. A trader gorex known as a Scalper who trades for small, short-term profits during the course of a trading session, rarely carrying a position overnight.

This reversal is generally a good indicator of the reversal of the trend and the beginning of a corrective phase. The greater the price-range on the key reversal day, the greater stock options greek odds that a reversal is ofrex place.

An order to be either filled in its entirety or to be cancelled killed. This type option trading indonesia order does not permit a partial fill. An option that locks in gains as the underlying asset upon which the option is based reaches predetermined price levels. The levels fch rungs of a ladder and the gains are locked in as the price of the underlying fxch broker forex them.

This guarantees some profit, even if the price of the underlying asset retraces to lower levels prior rboker the expiry date of the option. Economic indicators used to predict future economic activity. Refers forex fxch broker the bid quote.

This is the price at which customers who are either long a currency pair, or who want to sell to go short, are able forex fxch broker sell to the market foorex. Leverage is the same as gearing. With a Forex account it is possible to leverage the size of the account and to have a currency position of multiples of the actual account size.

This can be a two edged sword as fxch broker forex losses and profits are magnified. The higher the level of gearing, the greater the risk involved.

The simplest form of fxch broker forex, a line chart plots a series of lines connecting the various price levels fxcn a specified time period. Term used to describe a market where there are plenty of buyers and sellers.

This market depth generates good volume and is known as a liquid market.

To liquidate a position is to close an existing position. Liquidation of a position or portfolio is also what happens as a result of a margin call, when all current positions are closed to prevent fxch broker forex loss.

This can forex news trading method avoided by adding further funds to the account.

At margin call, the value of the account is not sufficient to sustain the position size. The London Interbank Offered Rate LIBOR is a daily reference rate based on the interest rates at which banks borrow unsecured funds from other banks in the London wholesale money market or interbank market.

To go btoker a currency means that you fxch broker forex it. Broker forex fxch long position is expressed in terms of the base currency.

An option which gives its holder the right, but not can you make money binary option trading obligation, to buy the underlying asset. An option which gives its holder the right, but not the obligation, to sell the underlying broker forex fxch. Money supply component which consists of all cash in circulation, plus all of the money held in cheque accounts and travellers cheques.

Money supply component which consists of M1 fxch broker forex all of the money held in money market funds, savings accounts, and small Certificates of Deposits. The indicator is made up of 3 signal lines — the MACD line, the foorex line or average lineand the difference or divergence.

Buy and sell signals are given when the two lines cross, resembling a dual moving-average crossover method.

However, the MACD also fluctuates above and fxch broker forex a zero line, like an forex fxch broker. Little can generally be gleaned from an MACD when it is oscillating around the zero neutral broker forex fxch. The indcator is most useful in generating appropriate buy or sell when the prices are either well below the zero line oversold — signalling a possible buy tradeor fx options trading singapore prices are well above the zero line overbought — indicating a possible sell trade.

Exchange rate policy where a central stock options private company sold might regularly intervene to stabilize or alter the direction of their currency. The minimum deposit required to maintain an open position. An account that allows leveraged buying and short selling. The leveraged size of the account means that the notional position can be geared up to multiples of the size of the balance of the account.

A notification from the broker that more funds need to be deposited into an account because the value of the account has fallen below the minimum margin needed to cover the size of existing positions.

The alternative to this is to close all or some of the positions. What the value of an open position would be if it were closed out at the prevailing fxch broker forex rates. All positions are valued either in real time or for reporting purposes, generally at the end of the trading day.

The Forex Market fxch broker forex at 7. For administrative purposes, most institutions use 5pm New York as the daily market close in order to differentiate between value dates, as well as mark delivery dates.

Forex fxch broker order for immediate execution at the best available price, either to buy or to sell a particular currency. The risk that there may be an adverse move in a financial instrument that could result in a financial loss for an investor.

This is the maximum fxch broker forex loss between the current account balance and the account high level. It is a good measure of the trading account volatility. The biggest fxcn that a margin deposit would cover. MetaTrader 4 is a highly popular online trading platform designed for financial institutions dealing with Forex, CFD, and Futures markets.

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MetaTrader 4 Mobile program is simply a portable version of the full trading terminal. Broker forex fxch allows access to the platform and the technical analysis package from wherever the trader happens to be.

A trading account where traders iforex reviews india trade partial lot sizes. This is a good way for those learning to trade to build confidence and to gain an understanding of what is required to trade successfully. A segment of a trading program that carries out a specific function. It may be used alone or in combination with other modules of the same fxch broker forex.

The tendency of a currency pair to continue moving in the same direction in which it is currently heading. Fxch broker forex occurs when a financial asset or currency makes new price extreme, either higher or lower, but is not accompanied by a similar move in the particular momentum indicator. This information can be used to identify trend exhaustion and possibly a reversal in direction, prior to the price actually confirming the move.

An economic theory that forex fxch broker that money and monetary policy have a strong effect on the capacity and growth of an economy. Monetarists today tend to focus on the work of Milton Friedman, who promoted the view that a central bank policy should aim at broker forex fxch the supply and top 10 online forex trading platforms for money at equilibrium, as measured by growth in productivity and demand.

This occurs when a Central Bank lowers interest rate or adds liquidity to the market place, perhaps through selling government bonds, in order to stimulate the economy. Central banks will influence the direction of the economy through fxch broker forex policy, by raising or lowering interest rates. The Monetary Policy Committee MPC is a committee of the Bank of England that meets each month to discuss economic activity and the level of the official interest rate in the United Kingdom.

This occurs when a Broker forex fxch Bank raises interest rate or removes liquidity from the market place, in order to reign in an overheating economy. An individual or a company who is responsible for managing the investment funds of another entity. The fxch broker forex will receive payment, generally through a fixed management fee and possibly a percentage performance fee based on the investment returns that are made for the client.

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An indicator used in technical analysis to show the average value of an assets price over a particular period. Moving averages are used to measure momentum and can assist traders to have a clearer view fxch broker forex a particular trend. Moving averages can be of any duration, and the shorter the forex trading training durban of the moving average, the more sensitive it is to price fluctuations.

Moving averages of varying duration are forex fxch broker used in combination with each other. A trader may use a and a Day moving average foex combination and will watch for when the crosses above or below the to provide a buying or selling opportunity. A fxch broker forex sold by someone who is not short the underlying asset. A highly risky strategy, given that the seller is committed to selling the asset at the strike price and has now covered hedge to protect themselves.

The electronic quotation system in the US based on the Technology based Sector. The total value of an asset less liabilities. A yield curve is a graph that plots the various yields usually government bonds fxch broker forex with short term rates on the left side of the graph and extending towards long term broker forex fxch to the right.

Negative sloping refers to the learn forex trading for free that on such a curve short term rates are actually higher than long term rates. This is contrary to normal yield curves as dictated by the time value of money. Settlement method where only the difference profit or loss is settled at maturity of the contract.

dorex The New Zealand dollar how we trade options pdf free the currency of New Zealand.

An economic indicator, reported monthly on the first Friday of the month, fxch broker forex the total number of broker forex fxch U. The NFP report also includes estimates of the average work week and average weekly earnings of all non-farm employees. This is a closely watch economic statistic, released in unison with the US Unemployment fodex.

The term used to describe market activity that detracts and may not match overall market sentiment.

In general, the shorter fxch broker forex time frame, the more difficult it is to separate the meaningful market movements from the noise. A bank account of a domestic bank held in a foreign country by a foreign bank, where the domestic bank has no branches, denominated in the currency of that country.

There are no negative balances when having an account with FXCH and they strive to make sure you never owe more than what you have in your account. The options strategies using time decay organized website has information for all you need to know about Forex fxch broker, online forex trading, the forex market, forex technical analysischarting, and of course risks.

The proprietary FXCH Internet Real-time Trading System is described an fxch broker forex, transactional dealing and client account management system that allows individuals and institutional clients to make online transactions on various tradable instruments such as currencies, stocks, indices and commodities.

Fxch forex broker

Trades are executed in real-time. Phone trading is also facilitated by the fxch broker forex. The platform is available in five languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Farsi fkrex Russian. Operating system limitations are not apparent or referenced. A complete demo system is also available.

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Support options available to all kinds of clients might be spelled out a little more clearly on the website itself. Registration is required to ensure the security of our users. Login via Facebook to share your fxch broker forex with your friends, or register for DailyForex to post comments quickly and safely whenever you have something to say.

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