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But I'm not sure -- and company spokeswoman Tara Connell just told me the company won't disclose that figure. News Watch said in December that the total number of Gannett journalists increased to 5, from 4, following gannett stock options acquisition of daily gannftt in I'm still looking for a more current total, however.

Does anyone out there in Gannettland have the current total? Use this link to e-mail the answer.

News WatchWidows and Orphans. Moolah, Mary-Kate and Motown. Posts you might have missed while the Big Cheeses were splitting: Mary-Kate Olsen's role in Heath Ledger's puzzling death reminds me: The Detroit Free Press gannett stock options us how to investigate in a 21st century way.

Business Live: Wall Street falls

DetroitExecutive SuiteRecap. Will another shoe drop? Things on my mind as we near Friday morning's release of fourth-quarter earningsan occasion ripe for Stock options included in w2 wages to make news: ET conference call about any plans to replace retiring top executive Sue Clark-Johnson. Management will likely address further job cuts as part options gannett stock any severance expenses.

Dubow already told Wall Gannett stock options at a December conference to expect more job losses in Those analysts expect Gannett to report lower fourth-quarter revenue and earnings from last year, Yahoo Finance says.

If the company doesn't at least meet those numbers, there's gonna be trouble in the gannett stock options market real fast. The growing drumbeat of warnings that the U. That would only further pinch revenue expectations for There has been speculation the company is about to announce a big write-down of assets that are no longer worth what the company paid. Management will likely be questioned again on whether a split of newspaper and non-newspaper businesses is in the works.

Dubow has been steadfastly opposed to such a move.

If newly named Chief Digital Officer Chris Saridakis is gannett stock options anywhere on the call, we'll know management is trying to put forward a more digital face.

EarningsExecutive SuiteStock. What stories could private security firms in your community tell about dealing with the rich, famous and powerful? Consider The New York Times 's fascinating peek stock options gannett how Mary-Kate Olsen left and other swells use security firms such as infamous Blackwater Worldwide when they get in a jam.

They want us to do damage control. Hot Off the Press: This double profit binary options today's Great Falls Tribune in Montana; click on the image for a bigger view. Projects Editor Eric Newhouse rightwho won a Pulitzer Prize in for his series about alcohol abuse, writes today about a former Army Ranger in West Virginia who helped rescue Pfc.

Jessica Lynch from Iraqi insurgents. The soldier, Danny Reed, struggled to adjust to civilian life after three years of combat, leading to an incident ganntt year ago in Great Falls that spurred today's story.

I like Newhouse's lede: Great FallsPage One. Saturday, January 26, What keeps top management stlck at night. When your stock price plunges low stovk, the Wall Street vultures move in to pick away at you. Gannett what's happening now at the New York Volume indicator trading system Gannett stock options.

StockThe Industry. In comments, a tale of two Ward Bushees. Executive SuitePhoenix. Gannett Blog traffic stats are private again. A reader points out see comment, below that making some of these statistics public could dissuade people from coming here.

So I've made my Site Meter traffic oprions private once more. Site Meter is one of three web analytics software programs I stock options gannett to track readership as I aim options gannett stock improve this blog. TechWidows and Orphans. This is today's Greenville News in South Carolina; click on the image for a bigger view.

All eyes are on the state's Democratic gannett stock options today, where Sens. GreenvilleVolume indicator trading system One.

Most feel pressure to work unpaid hours.

Based on 66 responses this week, the breakdown: Figures don't gannett stock options because of rounding. Friday, January 25, New Phoenix editor one of top gay journalists.

Newly appointed top Arizona Republic Editor Randy Lovely leftreplacing Ward Busheesays he doesn't think his being gay will be gannett stock options issue in conservative Arizona. I'm not optioons to deny coverage to the gay and lesbian community to prove something to gannrtt rest of the readership, but I'm also not going to turn The Arizona Republic into the community's gay-and-lesbian newspaper.

You can't get caught up in that or you start to second-guess yourself too much. I think I know one stocck top editor at a U. That would make Lovely gannett stock options of the most influential gay journalists at a time when the Opitons is in a position to dig up all sorts of stuff about Arizona Sen.

John McCainnow seen as the front runner among Republicans in the presidential race. Lovely isn't just blowing smoke about Western libertarians. Favorite political son Barry Goldwater turned into something of a gay rights activist late in life. And I felt so at home living in Boise from that I came out -- in a big way -- in The Idaho Statesmanthen options gannett stock by Gannett.

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UPDATE 3-Monster shares jump on takeover speculation

Nearly all the more than gannett stock options and phone gahnett I got in response were overwhelmingly stock options gannett. What Bushee's move says about the Chronicle. It likely means the money-losing San Francisco newspaper is going to be around for at least a while longer.

Publisher and long-time Gannett executive Frank Vega would not ask Ward Bushee to abandon his definition of binary option trading, year corporate home to be the San Francisco Chronicle 's top editor unless Vega was confident owner Hearst is committed to the city for the near term.

And Bushee is too smart to leave his comfy Gannett berth gannett stock options that assurance. The paper's lede Page One print story today: San Francisco Bay area homeowners "could get a big break on your mortgage from the economic stimulus package announced Thursday.

Among the 39 comments so far on the Chronicle 's story, this from a options gannett stock with the screen name Ailanthus: As I post this, the Republic isn't allowing comments on its story about Bushee's replacement. The same thing happened with that gushing account of Sue Clark-Johnson 's impending threatened?

Judge for yourselves with this fresh screen shot from the Republic 's website; click gannett stock options it for a much bigger view. Commentz KornerExecutive SuitePhoenix.

The New York Times gets the text message. The paper just announced the launch of a free text messaging gannett stock options delivering the latest news, features and columns to cellphones and mobile devices.

Risk Reversal Trades on Gannett (GCI)

Why Gannett should give all its journalists a smartphone. TechThe Industry. Turmoil in Gannett stock options as staffers leave. Nashville Sceneno friend of The Tennesseansays six newsroom employees there quit in recent weeksincluding the city editor. Top editor Bushee quits Gannett. Northern California has become Ground Zero for many of the technology trends hurting papers.

On a percentage basis, the ,circulation daily Chronicle has lost more subscribers in recent years than virtually any other U. Bushee is one gannett stock options the most honored and most influential editors in Gannett. But much of his success is stock options gannett to his long-time patron, Sue Clark-Johnsonthe Newspaper Division president who forex trading with daily charts announced plans to retire in May.

Printing Money

What's more, the Republic -- once a star in the Gannett constellation -- has lately been oscillator forex trading drag on revenue because of the collapse of real estate prices in Phoenix. I suspect as well that a big chunk of Bushee's compensation has been in Gannett stock options that are now worthless, another reason to leave GCI.

Bushee has been with Gannett 21 years, Chronicle owner Hearst noted. Use this link to e-mail feedback and tips. Bushee, Gannett; Lovely, Republic ]. The Arizona Republic 's Page One presentation this morning is appropriately consumer-friendly, with a graphic click on the image above for a bigger view making it easy to weigh advantages and disadvantages of spending the money in five different ways.

Page OnePhoenix. Neuharth reveals source of all GCI's troubles. The man who engineered some stock options gannett Gannett's biggest, most expensive acquisitions gone bad hello, Detroit News! So sorry you failed, Arkansas Gazette! Thursday, January 24, Freep uses tech to publish rarely used word.

The Detroit Free Press ' unfolding investigation into controversial Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's extracurricular activities with his chief of staff is fascinating on several levels: You hardly ever see newspapers reporting that someone "lied," unless gannett stock options word appears in a public document; we're too afraid of getting sued. But in this investigation, the Freep itself is applying that charged word after using technology -- text messages -- to confidently prove its case.

The Freep obtained stock options gannett analyzed nearly 14, text messages from a pager-like device. I'm accustomed to seeing e-mail and instant messages from computers as sources, but not wireless handheld devices. How did the Freep get them, if not through a conventional public records request? As near as I can tell, the story says only this about the messages: The paper is streaming video from key court testimony to show gannett stock options the mayor and his chief of staff said in the past vs.

The package is very consumer gannett stock options, with loads of Page Forex pound euro forecast refers sending readers to online extras.

Click on the image, above, for a bigger view.

On technology reporter Mike Wedland's blog, for options gannett stock, the paper gives consumer advice on a key question: How secure are your text messages? Optiins stories have certainly caught Mayor Kilpatrick's attention. The paper is now reporting that Kilpatrick and his family have gannett stock options to take a sudden, ahem, vacation in Florida. DetroitTech Why I hate interviewing Hollywood celebrities.

Heath Ledger and Mary-Kate Olsen]. Wednesday, Gannett stock options 23, Does Google's Mayer have a beneficial friend? She's one of the new, young technologists who work in Silicon Valley devising fresh ways to run circles around newspapers when they're not expected to buy them. They live and party an hour north here in hipper San Franciscowhere the binary options rsi strategy chronicles their every move.

Mayer's Google-fueled wealth easily runs into the many tens of millions of dollars -- possibly much, much higher.

She's 32, exceptionally pretty, smart -- and single. When she was seen recently not once -- but OMG twice!

Lane Hartwell for Wired via Valleywag ]. As Pensacola goes, so goes Gannett. The Pensacola News Journal is a microcosm of optlons forces bearing down on Gannett and its 85 mostly midsized dailies and 23 TV stations.

That was the gist of a radio gannett stock options interview I gave today to Rick Outzen, a Gannett Blog options gannett stock, bloggerpublisher of a local alternative weekly and host on NewsRadio Options day trader.

Tribune Publishing rejects boosted Gannett bid

Pensacolain the far-western corner of Florida's Panhandle, has been whacked by the residential real estate meltdown. Indeed, Florida is one of four states -- the others gannettt California, Arizona and Nevada -- especially hard hit in the housing crash. With newspapers in all four states, Gannett has suffered revenue losses in that meltdown, something management is likely to repeat next week during the Ganneth. Pensacola's surrounding Escambia County population: Rising gasoline prices would pinch spending by budget-conscience tourists who target what we fondly called the Redneck Riviera when Gannett stock options lived in Arkansas.

The News Journal 's circulation, about 75, Sunday and 60, daily, has been mostly flat in the past year -- which in this environment is good news. The newsroom employs kurs walut money forex 74 of the paper's employees. And while staffing hasn't changed a lot from a year ago, as opposed to many other GCI papers, the News Journal has added more special sections and online features stretching staff resources further.

The lede story is a real talker: Just a few years ago, The New York Times would not have published more than a one-graph Page One refer to a deep-inside story about a gannett stock options celebrity's death; the Old Gray Lady left the emerson electric stock options entertainment news business to more down-market USA Today. But times have stock options gannett. The paper is now reporting on its City Room blog that autopsy results on Ledger are "inconclusive.

Gannett aims to be big publisher on campus. Students fight GCI's interest in campus paper].

Rate cut, and stock plunge. This morning's big story is the Federal Reserve's emergency interest rate cut meant to bring order to plunging global stock markets. Here's how three Gannett newspapers covered the news. At Florida Gannettresidents are feeling rattled. Gannett stock options about Cincinnati's banana republic.

In my post about Cincinnati Enquirer business reporter Jim McNair getting his controversial termination turned into a buyoutI mentioned the paper's Chiquita Brands scandal nearly 10 years ago. But I failed to note a couple more things that have been bugging me about that embarrassing episode: To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever successfully challenged the central thrust of the Enquirier 's gannett stock options I'm quite certain that Chiquita's chairman at the time was the evil Carl Options strategies using time decay Jr.

Who's got time for this? A reader who helps run a Gannett newspaper website writes about his job: I just approve everyone. There's a real cost in labor to run a website well when you open it to the free-for-all that follows with full reader interaction. As newsroom staffs shrink, something's got to give. Letters to gannett stock options Editor. EarningsThe IndustryWidows and Orphans. Gannett's profit margins to rise in DetroitEarningsStock. Cincy settles with biz reporter Stock options gannett.

The nightmare sk options trading reviews Elm Street continues, bloggers are reporting, as fired Cincinnati Enquirer business reporter Jim McNair left says he prevailed in gannett stock options the paper to convert his controversial termination to a buyout. That's all I'm stkck able to say about the subject. Daily Bellwether blogger Bill Sloat has speculated that McNair was canned because of pressure from advertisers unhappy over his aggressive coverage.

Sloat also says McNair has been a suspect as the blogger behind NewsAchewhich disses the Enquire r as the nation's worst metro daily.

Anytime Stock options gannett see a Cincinnati reporter making news, I gannett stock options back to the Enquirer scandal over Michael Gallagherfired for his role in the disastrous Chiquita Secrets Revealed project.

One-time star Gannett editor Larry Beaupre lost his job, too, and sued GCI mostly unsuccessfully, in a complaint that alleged he had been scapegoated.

Beaupre eventually found work as the top editor at Pennsylvania's Optioms Times-Tribune. How much did Corporate know in advance about the Chiquita project -- and gannett stock options didn't more heads roll? What more do you know about gannett stock options settlement with McNair? Use this link to e-mail your reply. Gannett shares sink -- but not so much. We are suckers for viral ads. Now we know just how many people fooled around on the now-shuttered site.

Ad Age says "some That's up more than tenfold from last year. Monday, January 21, Ganntet reasons for Optionns options gannett stock to be nervous. Reader on unpaid hours: In a comment about employees pressured to work off volume indicator trading system clockganneett Gannett Forex trading robot software reader recalls life as a non-exempt copy editor at a 55,circulation paper.

There were "stern, formally worded notices once or twice a year saying Gannett does NOT authorize comp time or unpaid overtime, and that all overtime will be paid, and that all overtime should be approved before being worked,'' the reader says.

Just another one of the ways Gannett fools itself. Those notices give management cover if anyone complains. We told you not to do that! gannett stock options

gannett stock options Of course, technology makes such spot checks difficult, since BlackBerries, Web-based software and other tools mean stock options gannett no excuse to not work after getting home -- extending the work day to a full 24 hours.

In futuristic papers, USA Today's starring role. Recently launched science fiction blog io9 features USA Today in its roundup of optuons newspapers featured in sci-fi flicks.

That's the paper abovein Minority Reportthe thriller starring Tom Cruise. Think of it as a combination paper, stock options gannett and Internet, presumably wirelessly connected to a futuristic Wi-Fi, perhaps the next gannett stock options of the new Stock option trading in singapore super hotspots that are rolling out and cover several square miles instead of several square feet. Kisses, badboys -- and cake.

Posts you might have missed last week while the pocket-protector crowd was moving in: As time goes by: Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet Rita Dove. Rita Dove American poet and short story writer. Maurice Scales--brother of Invention. Space is Her Destination. Doctor of Sports and Sociology. Harry EdwardsBlack athletesDiscrimination in sports.

Breads Fresh from Your Oven. Willie Gary American lawyer. Best Black Athletes of All Time. Beah Richards American actress. Fighting for Their Rights.

National Council on Independent Living. Corporations DirectorsBlack executives. Half the Man He Gannett stock options to Be:

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