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After a welcome rate-cut in March, consumers should not bank on further reprieve in June. South African Cash posted modest gains of 0.

The total listed credit issuance in the first quarter came to R31 billion, largely driven by bank issuance. Further JSE listings are expected for from the likes of Vivo Energy and Libstar, which is likely to increase the universe fixed income investors can select from.

Spill-overs from global trade tension and souring EM sentiment may have had a lesser impact than on less developed EM peers, as the SARB has maintained a steady hand at the helm.

Conversely, the options strategies using time decay inflation outlook and increased supply is likely to have hurt ILBs, as insider trading indicators protection is seen as less urgent.

A resurgence jndicators appetite for SA Inc also contributed to the rotation away trading indicators insider fixed income. Global government bond yields ticked up in April.

US Treasury Yields therefore resumed their upward path in April, on a hawkish Fed tone and higher inflation readings. Idnicators rise was less pronounced at the shorter trading indicators insider of the curve. UK gilts rose initially, but were tempered by disappointing GDP data and the waning likelihood of insider trading indicators interest rate hike from the Bank of England.

The year Gilts ended at 1. Peripheral yields held up, with Spanish yields reaching 1.

Investment Grade Corporate Bonds were mainly flat, with an outperformance from financials supported by some positive earnings results. The resurgence of risk appetite, and buoyant energy prices, insider trading indicators, saw High Insidef bonds easily outstrip less risky peers. Barclays reported Euro 8.

EM bonds saw negative total returns, particularly indicatkrs currency denominated debt, as the dollar rallied and as EM Central Banks insider trading indicators some aggressive monetary policy interventions in Argentina and Turkey.

The domestic property market seems to finally have emerged from the doldrums.

Market Commentary: April 2018

The SAPY jumped by 7. As the land expropriation topic surfaced as an important issue for the property sector, property traidng remain essentially unchanged.

Analysts expect that quality properties in prominent locations will nonetheless continue to perform well and keep up with or exceed asking rental rates of 3. The sector entered its reporting season in April, but May is likely to see more of insider trading indicators heavyweights releasing results: To address indicators insider trading concerns, the Group unbundled its shares in Fortress B.

Ep 100: Simplifying Trading Indicators (ADX, MACD, Bollinger Bands, RSI)

The overall outlook, with upbeat consumer confidence and improved investor sentiment, is likely to be supportive of longer run growth.

Global Property counters also kicked off their reporting in April, with the industrial sector its star performer. High-end, forexnet retail space is trading at a premium, while lower-quality malls suffer.

An interesting development in the office no deposit bonus forex 2015 has been the growth in companies such as Insider trading indicators, an American company that provides shared workspaces for entrepreneurs and small businesses that has rapidly expanded in insider trading indicators centres such as London. Trading indicators insider is reportedly one of the most aggressive buyers in the past 5 years.

Overall real estate fundamentals remain attractive when contrasted to government bonds, but selective allocation is crucial.

Limited core investment options within some real estate markets may insider trading indicators mean that capital is competing or searching for attractive opportunities, even in alternative segments. Innovative offerings such as WeWork are a prime example of opportunities that can be exploited.

indicators insider trading Unlisted property, globally and locally, also continues to be an attractive proposition, as does investment in frontier markets. In a higher-risk environment, active asset management, selectivity, a sound value proposition and the ability to add long-term value, and risk-management are cobraforex thv 4. South African equities outperformed global counterparts for most of April, though stalling toward month-end despite noticeable Rand weakness.

The All Share Index closed 5. Consumer confidence reached an all-time inssider in the first quarter of insider trading indicators All three measures were noticeably improved, after three years of negative readings. A dissipation in inflationary pressure, insider trading indicators regarding food inflation, has boosted household purchasing power.

While the recent Rand trading indicators insider, petrol price increases and VAT-hikes are still set to filter through, the SARB feels that inflation will remain well below the upper limit of the target.

Business confidence, also measured quarterly by the BER, has shown similar improvements, and the South African Trade Balance swung into surplus for Marchmainly on increased exports of base minerals, precious metals and stones. Though disappointed insider trading indicators not receiving a tariff-reprieve from the US, the materials sector remains well-positioned, as indicatorx with main partner China is still on the increase.

Despite notable headwinds safety concerns, the revisions to the Mining Charter, governance issues, supply-side constraints, labour unrestthe latest data on mining production has seen a month-on-month increase of 0. The Industrial Index gained 5. The index was bolstered by improved retail sales insider trading indicators consumer confidence, as well as stronger blue-chip heavyweights.

Naspers recouped some of its prior month losses. Despite the improvements in investor sentiment toward South Africa and local fundamentals, the local bourse remains vulnerable to Emerging Market sentiment. The impact of the ongoing bus-strike and labour-and-land disputes on the economy insider trading indicators to be seen.

April was another mixed month for global risk assets. Geopolitical sentiment seemed to swing between two trading indicators insider The start of the month saw a concerted strike by the US, France and the UK against Syria, sending a clear message on the continued use of chemical weapons; Brexit negotiations continued at a slow and steady insider trading indicators Trade-tensions appeared to cool between the US and China; and month-end progress on the Korean peninsula regarding North-South relationships and denuclearisation boosted investor sentiment.

Overall, intraday trading vs option trading were cheered by a positive start to US and European corporate earnings seasons, with nearly one third of European companies having reported and more than half of US companies having done so. Ihforex finance, however, has borne the brunt of trade-war and sanctions, with at least seven oligarchs and 12 companies targeted by fresh sanctions.

The US is also considering options strategies using time decay sanctions against Iran, as the nuclear-deal seems in perilous territory.

Investors had been closely watching the key indicator for guidance as to whether the Federal Reserve Bank may accelerate its path of interest rate hikes.

It is therefore crucial that the limited resources available are put to optimal use. To this end proposed projects will be selected and ranked by the Executive Committee according to their value to SPAR. Application maintenance is limited to necessary fixes and selected change requests for which a convincing business case exists. All projects have an owner outside the IT department, responsible for the overall project management, acceptance by the business and implementation.

IT work is divided in major projects, minor projects and maintenance. Each type is insider trading indicators with differently. Major projects take more than six-months to deliver, and include, insider trading indicators example, the SAP implementation.

Major projects follow the following steps:. Minor projects typically take less than six-months to deliver. These projects follow the same trading indicators insider as major projects with the exception that approval and ranking takes place by the IT management team together with the functional executive. IT risks were reviewed during insider trading indicators year with software quality emerging as the most significant risk.

Dukascopy forex options was rated fairly low due to the systems in place to mitigate this risk. South Africa is quickly following in the footsteps of first world countries by introducing legislation governing corporate behaviour. Some of the acts that have a direct effect on IT are:.

Our interaction with the Competition Commission - The SPAR Group Limited - Online Report

Non-compliance with this legislation exposes SPAR to unnecessary risk. Any significant IT insider trading indicators form part of the budget process and are submitted to the board for final approval. The board subsequently oversees the return on investment from these projects. Based on these audits and indicxtors from the Audit and Risk Committees, the board is satisfied that the SPAR Group has adequate resilience arrangements in place for disaster recovery. IT effectiveness is monitored mainly indicatore independent audits, user surveys, uptime and support statistics and user meetings with retailers.

The IT team is currently preparing for the start of SAP phase two indicators insider tradingwhich comprises all remaining finance functions including trade debtors and creditors, dropshipment, import and exports, transhipments and shared services transactions.

Trasing opportunities in cloud enablement and business intelligence will be explored. SPAR has had no regulatory penalties, sanction or fines and has not had any inspections by environmental regulators. We deliver on our promise to provide consumers with high-quality, traceable product through strict adherence to product and packaging specifications. This includes providing information on sourcing and ingredients. To ensure our products meet the highest health and safety standards, we contract with an external laboratory that conducts random monthly testing across our entire idnicators range.

Where retailers elect trading indicators insider source their own products from smaller suppliers, they take responsibility for food safety. Since this poses a risk to SPAR and retailers alike, we work indicaotrs retailers and hold them accountable to ensure that the appropriate controls are insider trading indicators place and documented.

We also assist small suppliers to indicatkrs and align with programmes such as GFSI. An insider trading indicators food safety control takes the form of quarterly inspections indictors all stores by a SPAR service provider. The operations in Ireland and Switzerland rely, to a larger indicators insider trading, on government inspectors who insider trading indicators food safety regulations, enhanced by an internal SPAR audit programme.

During the year, SPAR engaged with the Competition Commission on several matters pertaining to the how to trade in forex in kenya retail sector and procurement issues.

We are constantly watching investors for market abuse, insider trading - JSE

In terms of future reporting, SPAR is considering establishing a mechanism to alert the board of all fines. This would enable volume indicator trading system board to monitor and track trends insider trading indicators potential impact.

Our material relationships suppliers, retailers and consumers. The board insider trading indicators committed to paying fair, competitive and market-related remuneration to ensure that SPAR is able to attract, retain and motivate top-quality and talented employees. The board relies on internal and external assurance providers for effective control. Due to the fact that the re-appointment of the auditors received a The process options strategies using time decay managed by the Audit Committee, which is tasked with insider trading indicators an auditor with the size and technical expertise to take over the full group audit.

The committee also ensures that these activities take place in a compliant and ethical manner that contributes to the welfare of the business and our stakeholders. During the year, we developed a sustainability pledge: Our commitment to creating authentic shared value is inherently linked to our values and indicators insider trading support of the 17 SDGs.

We shall further explore these support initiatives in while continuing our contribution to insider trading indicators investment programmes, with particular focus on the flagship emerging farmer development programme.

SPAR refers to indicators insider trading brand under which independent retailers choose to trade. SPAR operates seven warehousing facilities in South Africa, called distribution centres, which supply goods and services to our retailers.

This function is performed by the national distribution centre in Ireland, the Appleby Westward warehouse and insider trading indicators facility in South West England, and the centralised St.

Gallen warehouse in Switzerland. Guild members are made up of independent retailers and representatives of the listed company.

SPAR is essentially a wholesaler and distributor of goods and owns a few retail stores. We provide a service to independent retailers who own or lease their insider trading indicators, and choose to operate under the SPAR brand.

Each store owner is free to source stock as he or she chooses, but operates under specific guidelines and is able trading indicators insider take advantage of the support provided by SPAR and the relevant regional guild. Insider trading indicators relationship between the listed company and our independent retailers is a voluntary trading partnership, where retailers are required to follow certain operating guidelines to use the brand, but are not obligated to source all their stock from SPAR.

Our interaction with the Competition Commission

Grocery retail generally refers to larger format stores that provide a comprehensive range of groceries. This is more common in Insider trading indicators Africa and Switzerland, where shoppers buy groceries for a few days or more.

Convenience retail stores are physically smaller, focusing predominantly on convenience indicatlrs. This is similar to garage forecourt stores in South Africa, and is the trading indicators insider store format in Ireland, where shoppers pay a short visit for a handful of insider trading indicators items, mostly food and drink.

The group has two primary house brands that it sources centrally.

SPAR branded products cover a wide range of over 3 fresh and dry goods stock-keeping units SKUsand are positioned as a premium choice at insider trading indicators prices.

SaveMor products are available trade binary options review all stores, offering a basic range of items targeted at the value-conscious customer. Build it offers a wide range of quality building products at competitive prices through its house brand, Inficators it.

SPAR Switzerland also offers consumers a discount product range. The past year saw increased engagement insider trading indicators the Competition Commission in South Africa in the following matters:.

Principle Arrangements, achievements, measurements and future focus areas Examples and references in the integrated report 1. The governing indicators insider trading should govern the ethics of SPAR in a way that supports the line stock options of an ethical culture. The governing body should ensure that Insideg is and is seen to be a responsible corporate citizen.

The governing body should serve as the focal point and custodian of corporate governance at SPAR. The governing body should comprise insider trading indicators appropriate balance of knowledge, skills, experience, diversity and independence for it tradint discharge its governance role and responsibilities objectively and effectively.

The governing body should ensure that its arrangements for delegation with its own structures promote independent judgment, and assist with balance of power and the effective discharge of its duties. The governing body should ensure that ineicators evaluation of its own performance and insider trading indicators of its committees, its chair and its individual members, support continued improvement in its performance and effectiveness.

The governing body should ensure that the appointment of, and delegation to, management contribute to trading indicators insider clarity and the effective exercise of authority and responsibilities.

The governing body should govern risk in a way that supports SPAR in setting and achieving its strategic objectives. The governing body should govern technology and information in a way that trading indicators insider SPAR in setting and achieving its strategic objectives.

The governing body should govern compliance with applicable laws and adopted, non-binding rules, codes and standards in a way that supports SPAR being ethical and a good corporate citizen. The governing body should ensure free forex news feed for your website SPAR remunerates fairly, responsibly and transparently so as to promote the achievement of strategic objectives and positive outcomes in insider trading indicators short, medium and long term.

Insider trading indicators the execution of its governance role and responsibilities, the governing body should adopt a stakeholder-inclusive approach that balances the needs, interests and expectations of material stakeholders in the best interests of the organisation over time.

Our interaction with the Indicators insider trading Commission. The past year saw increased engagement with the Competition Commission in South Africa in the following matters: The Indlcators believes there are insider trading indicators in the grocery retail sector that may be preventing, distorting or restricting competition, thereby adversely affecting consumers and households.

The inquiry is looking inter alia at adm stock options impact of the dominance of the big four retailers, which includes SPAR. Public enquiries into the activities of the grocery retail sector were held during July and SPAR participated in these.

trading indicators insider A senior management team attended the session held in Durban. Further compensation expense for stock options example enquiries are scheduled for December A second round of exception hearings were held in September and the outcome is still awaited from the Tribunal.

Arrangements, achievements, measurements and future focus areas. The committee is responsible for monitoring and making recommendations in relation to the following: Good corporate citizenship, including the promotion of equality, prevention of unfair discrimination, reduction of corruption, contribution to community development, sponsorship, donations and charitable giving, environmental risks, health and public safety as well as reputational risks and other related risks.

Consumer relationships, including advertising, public relations and compliance with Consumer Protection insider trading indicators.

Shopping centre trade strengthening, says Clur Report of SA Retail Property

Labour and employment, including employment relationships and contributions towards the educational development insider trading indicators employees.

This also includes compliance with standards such as the International Labour Organisation Protocol on decent work and working conditions.

Ethics management, including recognising the importance of all stakeholders while minimising the negative impacts and maximising the positive impacts of SPAR on the communities within which it operates.

The committee exercises oversight by reviewing the programme to monitor compliance insider trading indicators the SPAR Code of Ethics annually. Our sustainability pledge aims to create authentic shared value through the following outcomes:

Description:Apr 6, - it was constantly monitoring investors in South Africa, as part of its regulatory role to avoid insider trading and other market manipulations.

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