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Schlumberger stock options understand that our stockholders may have different views as to what is the best approach for Board of Directors, and we look forward to hearing from our stockholders on this Proposal.

This advisory resolution is non-binding on our Board. Although we currently believe that holding an advisory vote on executive compensation every year would reflect the right balance of considerations in the normal course, we will continue forex oanda trade periodically reassess that stock options schlumberger and can provide schlumberger stock options an advisory vote on executive compensation on a less frequent basis if long-term stability in our compensation program or other circumstances suggest that such a vote frequency would be more appropriate.

A majority of the votes cast is required schlumberger stock options approve this Item 3. Brokers do not have how do i exercise stock options on etrade to vote on this proposal without your instruction. Compensation Discussion and Analysis.

This led to a significant revenue and net income decline in However, our management took decisive action to schlumberger stock options navigate the sharp downturn amid very low operational visibility, and positioned the company for long-term growth and success. We finished poised to outperform in a new industry landscape through our fundamental strengths: Prior towe received very high levels of stockholder support options schlumberger stock our executive compensation program.

For example, we received stockholder support of Inhowever, Schlmuberger this vote represented solid majority support for our named executive officer compensation, we were disappointed by the result.

Schlumberger Announces Second-Quarter 2018 Results

Senior members of our management team engaged in stockholder outreach discussions at the direction of our Compensation Committee and our Board. Some of these changes were implemented in and the rest will be implemented in While some stockholders schlumberger stock options that they considered stock options to be performance-based compensation, a majority of our stockholders we engaged with did not.

Overview stock options schlumberger Compensation Decisions for We delivered strong financial results in despite the unprecedented industry downturn that began in stock options schlumberger continued in As a consequence, both our revenue and net income declined in In that environment, we were forced to reduce our employee base by 50, While our results of operations were negatively affected by the highly depressed oil prices, market uncertainty and other factors beyond our control, schlumberger stock options Compensation Committee continued to focus on strengthening the link between pay and performance; retaining and motivating our top stock options after resignation and appropriately rewarding our executives for outperforming our competitors in this industry downturn and increasing long-term stockholder value.

Highlights of our performance include:. Forex 8mm Cash Flow 1. Industry-Leading Pretax Income Margin: Pretax Income Margin 2.

Schlumberger is still sliding

Our Relative Return on Volume indicator trading system Employed: Our Acquisition of Cameron: Our Executive Compensation Best Practices.

The following is a summary pptions some of our executive compensation practices and policies. A significant portion of our executive pay is at risk. To further enhance the link between the interests of schlumberger stock options stockholders and our executives, our CEO must own our stock valued at 6 times his annual base salary; our executive vice presidents and CFO must own at least 3 schumberger their base salary; and all other executive officers must own at least 2 times their base salary.

Schlumberger stock options gross-ups on excise taxes. No hedging or pledging by directors or executive officers of their ownership of Schlumberger stock. No automatic acceleration upon a change in control.

Our named executive officers have no employment, severance or change-in-control agreements. Our named executive officers receive only very schlunberger perquisites and do not participate in any executive pension or insurance plans, other than those stoock available to employees. Framework for Setting Executive Compensation in Executive Compensation Philosophy and Goals. The Company believes that having a significant portion of executive compensation at-risk more closely aligns the interests of its executives with the long-term interests of Schlumberger and its stockholders.

Promotion from within the Company is a key schlumberger stock options at Schlumberger, and all of the named executive officers have reached their current positions through career development with the Company.

Schlumberger sees diversity of its workforce as schoumberger a very important part of its cultural philosophy and a business imperative, as it enables the Company to serve clients options schlumberger stock in the world. Schlumberger believes that its use of a consistent approach to compensation at all levels irrespective options schlumberger stock nationality is a strong factor in oprions a diverse workforce comprising top global talent.

TSR reflects share price appreciation, adjusted schlumberger stock options dividends and stock splits. For each of those time periods, the Schlumberger stock options Committee reviewed the total interactive brokers options commissions compensation schlumberger stock options our CEO against that of other CEOs in the oil industry peer group.

The Compensation Committee included a review of five-year data because it believed it provided more insight into pay over a complete industry cycle and thus enabled the Committee to assess pay versus performance in the long term. The Competition for our Executive Talent. A primary consideration of the Compensation Committee in managing our executive compensation program is the need to motivate and retain what it considers to be the best executive talent in the energy industry.

Our Compensation Committee believes that our success in delivering strong long-term stockholder returns and stock options schlumberger and operational results is a result of our ability to attract, develop and retain the best talent globally. Actual compensation, in any given year, may fall below that target level based on a variety of factors, including individual and company performance and tenure in a particular position.

Changes in senior management at other companies in also caused increased competition for our talent, as was the case with the merger transaction between Halliburton and Baker Hughes that was pending at the time compensation decisions for were made are stock options taxed as ordinary income that ultimately failed.

In approving this target level and when setting compensation inthe Compensation Committee considered that many current and former senior executive officers of leading companies in the energy industry have previously served as senior executives at Schlumberger. For example, former senior Schlumberger executives either have been, or are, senior executives at the following competitors and customers:.

The Compensation Committee retains the flexibility to set elements of target compensation at higher percentiles based on strong business performance, for retention, for key skills in critical demand, and for positions that are of high internal value.

We discussed this important topic with stockholders during our engagement efforts in To illustrate this point, the chart below shows the actual compensation delivered to our CEO from toand demonstrates that his realized pay was significantly lower than his reported pay for all but one year during this period.

In Januarythe Compensation Committee carried out schlumberger stock options analysis of pay mix and internal pay equity. The Compensation Committee also reviewed internal pay equity in October Our executive options strategies using time decay operate as team.

Therefore, the Compensation Committee considers internal pay equity to be an important factor in options schlumberger stock executive compensation decisions. The Taxation stock options france reviewed schlumberver CEO position in schlumberger stock options to the other executive officer positions, and the executive officer positions both in relation to one another and in comparison with the average of the other executive officer positions.

The Compensation Committee noted that the ratio of target total direct compensation between the CEO and the second-highest paid executive officer was similar to that in the three prior years.

The Compensation Committee also noted that the levels of target total direct compensation for the third to the fifth-highest paid options predict stock price were very closely clustered together, consistent with their relative positions within the Options schlumberger stock. Schlumberter a result, the Compensation Committee concluded that internal pay equity was options schlumberger stock. Elements of Total Direct Schlumberger stock options Decisions.

On appointment schlumnerger an executive officer position, base salary is set at a level that is competitive with base salaries in the applicable comparator groups for that position and takes into account other factors described below.

Base salaries for each executive officer position are compared annually with similar positions in the applicable peer groups. Base salary changes for executive officers, except the CEO, are recommended by forex tsd binary options CEO and subject to approval by the Compensation Committee, taking into account:.

The base salary of the CEO is reviewed by the Compensation Committee in executive session and recommended by the Compensation Committee to the independent members of our Board for approval, based on the same criteria as above. In this situation, the CEO in the case of executive officers other than himself and the Compensation Committee carefully consider these new responsibilities, external pay practices, retention considerations and internal pay equity, as well stock options schlumberger past options schlumberger stock and experience.

Base salary may also be reduced, such as when an executive officer moves to a position of lesser responsibility in the Company. Alternatively, base salary can be frozen for a number of years until it falls in line with comparable positions in the applicable compensation peer groups. Base Salary Decisions in The Compensation Committee carried out a review of the compensation of each of our executive officers in January Upon review of comparative market data for the applicable comparator groups, and taking into consideration that most of schlumberger stock options NEOs were already positioned competitively from a market perspective, the Compensation Committee determined to maintain salaries at their current levels for all of our NEOs.

In July ofin schlumberger stock options to the significant devaluation of the British pound, the Compensation Committee approved a change in the currency used to establish compensation for executive officers based in London and Paris schlumberger stock options U. The Committee based its decision on the need to protect against further currency fluctuations that would negatively and unfairly affect their compensation.

As a result, the schlumberger stock options salary of Mr. Schlumbeger Compensation Committee selects performance-based measures that it believes strike a balance between motivating an executive to increase operating results in the near-term and driving profitable.

Incentive cash payments are made each February according to the achievement of both personal and Company financial objectives. This enhanced incentive applies to the CEO and our other executive officers.

The Compensation Committee reviews and recommends to the independent directors of the Board the financial objectives for the Schlumberger stock options and schlumbergfr and approves the financial objectives for schlumberger stock options other executive officers. The Compensation Committee believes that, with regard h4 forex system financial targets or financial performance goals, it is important to establish criteria that, while very difficult to achieve in an uncertain global economy, are realistic.

The Compensation Committee exercises its discretion when it believes that executives and other employees would be inappropriately penalized by, or options schlumberger stock inappropriately benefit from, these items. The Compensation Committee approves the personal objectives for the CEO and assesses his performance against those objectives schlumbsrger determining his annual cash incentive award, subject to final approval by the independent directors of the Board.

Annual Cash Incentive Decisions for The Compensation Committee increased the target annual cash incentive percentage for only one of our NEOs inMr. The Committee approved this increase so that all of our Group Presidents would have sotck same target annual cash incentive options schlumberger stock as of January The Compensation Committee selected adjusted EPS as an absolute measure upon which to base half of the financial portion of the annual cash incentive because it is the primary absolute basis on which we set our performance expectations for the year.

It schlumberger stock options also consistent with the manner in which we present adjusted EPS in our earnings announcements and presentations to investors. We believe that consistent adjusted EPS growth leads to long-term stockholder value; and adjusted EPS is the metric most widely used by investors and analysts schlumberger stock options evaluate the performance of Schlumberger. The process how to trade forex in india legally to set annual optiohs EPS targets starts with a review of plans and projections following bottom-up planning from the field, which considers factors such as:.

In light of the continued low industry visibility in earlythe Compensation Etock determined at its January meeting to divide the adjusted EPS component of the financial half of our annual cash incentive program into two six-month periods for schulmberger, as ophions did in As a result, the Compensation Committee approved adjusted EPS targets for the six-month period from January 1 through June 30 at its January meeting, and stock options netherlands tax adjusted EPS targets for the six-month period from July 1 through December 31 at its July meeting.

The Compensation Committee approved the following adjusted EPS performance targets and corresponding payouts for the first six-month period schlkmberger The Compensation Committee approved the following adjusted EPS performance targets and corresponding payouts for the second half of wchlumberger For adjusted EPS results between any two targets, the payout is prorated.

No cash incentive is paid if the minimum adjusted EPS target is not met for the applicable six-month period. The Compensation Committee expects to continue using annual adjusted EPS targets for the foreseeable future.

As in prior years, the Compensation Committee evaluated performance based on adjusted EPS, consistent with the manner in which the Company presents adjusted EPS in its earnings achlumberger and presentations to investors. The RPI component of the annual cash incentive is based nil cost stock options our wtock performance in each of our four geographic areas as compared against schlumberger stock options relative performance of Halliburton and Baker Hughes in their corresponding publicly reported geographic areas, measured by:.

The Compensation Committee selected Halliburton and Baker Hughes as our RPI comparator companies for because we believe they are the only oilfield service companies optoons resemble us in terms of scale, scope and nature of business operations, and because we and our investors believe these two companies constitute our main global business stock options schlumberger. The performance of our RPI comparator companies for purposes of schlumbfrger relative performance is derived from their reported company results.

stock options schlumberger

The RPI payout, if any, to our Schlumberger stock options is based on the sum of our overall rankings achieved in each of our four geographic areas worldwide, comparing changes in year-over-year revenue and margins in each geographic area against that of our two RPI comparator companies.

The following table illustrates how a hypothetical overall ranking would be determined for three companies in North America, taking into account their year-over-year relative performance in both revenue and margin change:. The Compensation Committee approved the following performance payout matrix in January The Schlumberger stock options Committee also may increase or decrease options schlumberger stock total RPI options schlumberger stock to take into account such factors as overall Company performance, schlumberger stock options items affecting financial results or such other factors as the Compensation Committee deems appropriate.

Our RPI results were as follows:. The award for the personal half of the annual cash incentive opportunity was dedi kurniawan forex on the specific results each named executive officer achieved, as approved by the Compensation Committee. Personal objectives are established at the start of the fiscal year. At the end of the fiscal year, the Compensation Committee evaluates the performance of the CEO against schlumberger stock options personal objectives, taking into account performance for the just-completed fiscal year versus predefined commitments for the fiscal year; unforeseen financial, operational and strategic issues of the Company; and any other information it determines is relevant, subject to approval by the independent directors of the Board.

Long-term equity incentives make up the largest portion of compensation for our NEOs. They are designed to give NEOs and other high-value employees a longer-term stake in the Company, provide incentives for the creation of sustained stockholder value, act as long-term retention and motivation tools, and directly tie employee and stockholder interests over the longer term.

The PSUs granted in will become earned and vested at the end of the three-year performance period ending December 31,contingent on achievement of pre-determined performance targets, and will convert to shares of our common stock after the expiration of the performance forex grid trader myfxbook and certification by our Compensation Committee of performance.

No shares will vest under the PSUs if we do not achieve a pre-established threshold performance level. No dividends will accrue or be paid on any PSUs during the performance period. Stock schlumberger stock options vest ratably in equal installments over five years. The actual grant date fair value of each grant, computed in accordance with applicable accounting standards, is disclosed in the Grants of Plan-Based Awards for Fiscal Year table below.

The tables below detail the estimated grant date fair value and number schlumberger stock options PSUs stock options schlumberger stock options granted in to the NEOs.

LTI Grants for The Compensation Committee approved and in the case of Mr. In Januarythe Compensation Committee determined the results of the sabah forex trading performance period for the PSUs, relative event driven options trading the performance criteria established at that time.

We achieved average annual ROCE of ROCE is a measure of the efficiency of our capital employed and is a comprehensive indicator of long-term Company and management performance.

We selected a ROCE metric that is relative because we believe it is better suited to the cyclical nature of our industry, and because it allows stock options schlumberger to directly compare how we deploy our capital as against key comparator companies in oilfield services. Our selection of ROCE as the performance metric for the PSUs is also consistent with our strategic direction and transformation initiatives.

Furthermore, ROCE measures performance in a way stcok is tracked and understood optionns investors. The Compensation Committee also believes that improvements in schlumberger stock options through options schlumberger stock will increase revenue and improve margins through our continued focus on pricing and cost control. Furthermore, the Compensation Committee evaluates, and may adjust for, the effect of acquisitions or divestments on a case-by-case basis for purposes of the ROCE calculation.

The Committee excluded Baker Hughes at that time because of its pending merger with Halliburton.

In Julystock options schlumberger Compensation Committee approved the addition of Baker Hughes to this group, following the failure of the proposed Baker Hughes — Halliburton merger. If the relative ROCE achieved is less than or equal to bps below the average of the competitor group, no shares schlumberger stock options vest. In calculating this achievement, the Committee will certify the average ROCE for each of the Company and for the comparator group as a whole over the three-year performance period.

The percentage achieved will depend on our performance compared to that of our competitors during stock options schlumberger performance period as illustrated in the options schlumberger stock table. At the end of the measurement period, the Compensation Committee will certify the relative ROCE achieved and will determine the percentage of target shares earned based on the table below.

At its July meeting, the Compensation Committee schlumberger stock options the need to retain certain key individuals, including three NEOs, to recognize their outstanding performance during the market downturn and for retention purposes amid the exceptional competition for our executive talent.

At get fxcms new to forex trading guide meeting, and as a result of the foregoing considerations, the Compensation Committee approved exceptional grants of 15, RSUs to each of Messrs. Belani, Al Mogharbel and Schorn, which will all vest in Julysubject to their continued employment with ph forex rates through that date.

Changes in Long-Term Incentive Compensation. Any PSUs earned will be in the form of restricted stock subject to a mandatory one-year hold period, and will vest contingent on continued employment with the company schlumberger stock options the conclusion of the one-year hold period. We believe this hold period will foster retention of our executive talent and better align the interests of our executives with that of our stockholders.

Other Aspects of our Executive Compensation Framework. The Compensation Committee considers formal executive compensation survey data prepared by Pay Governance when it reviews and determines executive compensation. The survey data prepared by Pay Governance summarize the compensation levels and practices of our main comparator groups, as follows:.

Schlumberger Water Services

The Compensation Committee, with the assistance of Pay Governance, annually reviews specific criteria and recommendations regarding companies to add to or remove from the comparator groups.

The Compensation Committee modifies the peer group criteria as appropriate while seeking a satisfactory degree of stability, to provide a consistent basis for comparison. Some members of this peer group frequently target Company employees for executive positions at the peer company. In Julythe Schlumberger stock options Committee reviewed the companies constituting our two main comparator groups for how to trade e-mini s&p 500 options of executive compensation, based on the criteria set forth above.

Applying the schlumberger stock options criteria set forth above, stock options schlumberger Compensation Committee approved the removal of Hess and Enterprise Products Partners from the higher-revenue oil industry peer group. The Compensation Committee also approved the addition of Imperial Oil Limited and EOG Resources to this group based on the selection criteria set forth above, effective for compensation decisions.

As a result of the foregoing:. The following companies comprised the oil industry peer group effective for relevant compensation decisions:. General Industry Peer Group. The Compensation Options schlumberger stock considers data from the general industry peer group as it deems necessary or advisable to zness forex extent that data from the first peer group may not exist, or may be insufficient, for some executive officer positions.

The second group is also particularly relevant for non-operations positions, where the skills and experience may be easily transferable to other industries outside the oil and gas industry. The general industry peer group provides data of large companies with significant international operations, and supplements the compensation data from the oil industry peer group, whose companies are closer to Schlumberger in industry type but have options schlumberger stock varying revenue sizes.

Schlumberger stock options general industry peer group:.

In Julythe Compensation Schlumberger stock options, applying the selection criteria set forth, approved the addition of four companies — BASF, Siemens, Lockheed Martin and Rolls Royce — to schlumberger stock options general industry peer group, effective for schlumberger stock options decisions.

No companies were removed from this peer group. The following companies comprised the general industry peer group effective for relevant compensation decisions:. Additional Peer Groups for Forex trading methods free Positions. The Compensation Committee refers to two additional executive compensation peer groups, which are effective stock options schlumberger compensation decisions only as to our EVP Technology.

These two additional peer groups serve as a point of reference for the Compensation Committee, given the scope and level of responsibility stock options schlumberger executive positions as to which the Compensation Committee requires additional compensation data. Prior to the introduction of these two peer groups, the Compensation Committee had determined that select executives who held very senior positions within the Company including our EVP Technology could, by virtue of their leadership experience and professional background at Schlumberger, become chief executives of other, smaller companies in the oil and gas industry.

The Compensation Committee stock options schlumberger the same selection criteria for companies comprising these two peer groups as for the main comparator groups; however, the global scope of international operations criteria does not apply to the lower-revenue oil industry peer group.

Inthe Compensation Committee did not add or scblumberger any companies from this schlumbdrger group. As with the lower-revenue oil industry peer group, this peer group is relevant options strategies using time decay for the compensation of our EVP Technology.

Relative Size of Direct Compensation Elements. These elements allow the Company to remain scblumberger and attract, retain and motivate top executive talent with current and potential future financial rewards. At the same time, this relatively simple compensation program is applied and communicated consistently to our exempt employees of more than nationalities operating in approximately 85 countries.

The Compensation Committee relies on its own judgment in making these compensation decisions after stock options schlumberger review of external market practices of companies comprising the two peer groups, including the size and mix schlumbergerr direct compensation for executives in those companies. The Compensation Committee seeks to achieve an appropriate balance between annual cash rewards that encourage schlumberger stock options of annual financial and non-financial objectives, and LTI awards that encourage positive long-term stock price performance, with a sculumberger emphasis on LTI awards for more senior executives.

However, the Compensation Committee does not aim to achieve a apollo villarama forex target of cash versus equity-based compensation.

While external market data provide important schlumberger stock options in making decisions on executive compensation, the Compensation Committee does not set compensation based on market data alone. Inthe portion of total compensation that was at risk is illustrated as follows:. Stock options schlumberger provides flexibility to the Compensation Committee to compensate NEOs appropriately as they near retirement, when they might not receive any LTI awards for their final years of service.

Management of Executive Compensation. Role of Compensation Consultant. The Compensation Committee has engaged the independent executive compensation consulting firm of Pay Governance LLC with respect to executive compensation matters. The Compensation Committee is responsible for granting long-term equity-based compensation under our stock option and omnibus incentive plans.

The Compensation Committee approves a preliminary budget for equity-based grants for the following schlumnerger at each October meeting. Management determines the allocation for groups within the Company and individual recommendations are made by the heads of the Groups and approved by the CEO. The Compensation Committee approves and grants all equity-based awards, including executive officer awards, which are recommended by schlumbeeger CEO, except for his own.

Awards for executive officers other than the CEO are granted by the Compensation Committee and discussed schlumberger stock options the Board.

Volume indicator trading system regular Board and Compensation Committee schlumberger stock options schedule is set at least a year schlumerger advance with Board meetings held stock options schlumberger, generally toward the end of January, April, July and October.

The Compensation Committee sets the equity award stlck date as the day of the Board meeting. The Company does ayaforex schlumberger stock options the release of material non-public information for the purpose of affecting the values of executive compensation.

At the volume indicator trading system equity grant decisions are made, the Compensation Committee is aware of the earnings results and takes them into account, but it does not adjust the size or the mix of grants to reflect possible market reaction. However, specific grants may be made at other regular meetings, to stock options schlumberger the promotion of an employee, a change in responsibility or a specific achievement.

The Schlumberger stock options and the Compensation Committee have the discretion to potions equity awards with different vesting schedules as they deem necessary. Our equity incentive plans do not permit the following:.

The Compensation Committee and management believe strongly in linking executive long-term rewards to stockholder value.

Schlumberger Employee Reviews

Our Board, upon recommendation of the Nominating and Governance Committee and the Compensation Committee, adopted revised executive stock ownership guidelines in applicable to executive officers and other key position holders.

Senior executives are required to hold the numbers of shares equal to the multiple of base salary set forth below. The guidelines provide forex slingshot trading executives have five years to satisfy the ownership requirements.

Stock ownership for the purpose of these guidelines does not schlmberger shares underlying vested or unvested stock options, unvested RSUs or unvested PSUs. Other Executive Benefits and Policies. Prohibition on Speculation in Schlumberger Stock.

Schlumberger considers longer-term benefit plans to be an important element of the total compensation package. The options schlumberger stock plans provide for lifetime benefits upon retirement after a opgions number of years of service and take into account local practice with respect to retirement ages.

They are designed to complement but not be a substitute for local government plans, which may vary considerably in terms of the replacement income they provide, and other Company sponsored savings volume indicator trading system. Employees may participate in multiple retirement plans in the course of their career schlumbegrer the Company or its subsidiaries, in which case they options schlumberger stock entitled options strategies using time decay a benefit schlumberger stock options each plan based upon the benefits earned stocl the years of service related schlumbergr each plan.

Some of the Schlumberger U. Officers and other employees in the United States whose compensation exceeds the qualified plan limits are eligible to participate in non-qualified excess benefit programs for kprofit-sharing and pension, whereby they receive correspondingly higher benefits. Employees and executive officers assigned outside schlumberger stock options United States are entitled to participate in schlumberger stock options applicable plans of the country where they are assigned, including supplemental plans where available.

The Company has a practice of phased retirement, which, at the discretion of the Company, may be offered to executive officers other than the CEO who are approaching retirement.

This practice involves a transition into schlimberger whereby the individual ceases being an executive officer and schlumbergef primary responsibilities. He or she remains an forexpros banco santander and generally receives lesser salary over time for reduced responsibilities and reduced working time.

The arrangements are typically in place for an average of two to three years, as agreed at the start of the term. The purpose is to allow the outgoing executive officer to support the incoming executive officer for a when should you exercise your stock options of time to provide for a smooth succession and to provide resources to the Company in particular areas of expertise while refraining from joining optionx competitor.

In these options trading beginners, the Company maintains pension contributions and stock options schlumberger benefits such as medical and insurance, and the executive officer schlumberger stock options to vest in previously granted stock based awards.

The executive officer, however, is no longer schlumberger stock options for additional equity incentive compensation or, once his or her work time is reduced, for an annual cash incentive. Schlumberger seeks to provide benefit plans, such as medical coverage and life and disability insurance, on a country-by-country basis in line with market conditions.

Where the local practice is considered to trading binary options ebook less than the Schlumberger minimum standard, the Schlumberger stock options generally offers this Schlumberger standard.

Executive officers are eligible for the same benefit plans provided to other employees, including medical fxdd-250-free-forex-bonus-nodeposit and life and disability insurance as well as supplemental plans chosen and paid for by employees who wish additional coverage.

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There are no special insurance plans for our named executive officers. Options schlumberger stock provides only minimum perquisites to its named executive officers, which are identified in the narrative notes to the Summary Compensation Schlumberger stock options. No Employment Agreements or Other Arrangements. Our named executive officers do not have employment, severance or change-in-control agreements. Recoupment of Performance-Based Cash Awards.

On the recommendation of the Compensation Committee in Julyour Board adopted a policy on recouping performance-based cash awards multi option general trading the event of specified stoci of financial results. Under the policy, if financial results are significantly restated due to fraud or intentional misconduct, the Board will review any performance-based cash awards paid to executive officers who are found stock options schlumberger be personally responsible for the fraud or intentional misconduct that caused the need for the restatement and will, to the extent permitted by applicable law, require recoupment of any amounts paid in excess of the amounts that would have been paid based schlumberger stock options the schlumberger stock options financial results.

Impact of Tax Treatment.

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Based on that review and discussion, the Compensation Committee optione recommended schlumberger stock options the Board of Directors that the Compensation Discussion and Analysis volume indicator trading system included in this schlumberger stock options statement. Executive Compensation Tables and Accompanying Narrative.

The following table provides additional information about stock and option awards and equity incentive plan awards granted to our named executive officers in Filed by the Registrant. Filed by a Party other than the Registrant.

Check the appropriate box: Payment of Filing Fee Check the appropriate box: Fee computed on table below per Exchange Act Rules 14a-6 i 1 and Title of each class of securities to which transaction applies:. Aggregate number of securities to which transaction applies:. Per unit price or other underlying value options schlumberger stock transaction computed optilns to Exchange Act Rule set forth the amount on which the filing fee is calculated and state how it was determined:.

Proposed maximum aggregate value of stock options schlumberger. Fee paid previously with preliminary materials. Check box if any part of the fee is offset as provided by Exchange Act Rule a 2 and identify the filing for which the offsetting fee was paid previously.

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Identify the previous filing by registration statement number, or the form or schedule and the stock options schlumberger of its filing.

Form, Schedule or Registration Statement No Conduct an advisory vote on the frequency of future advisory votes on executive compensation. Approve the appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as our independent schlumberger stock options public accounting firm for Governance Framework — Highlights. Advisory Resolution to Approve Executive Compensation. Nonqualified Deferred Compensation for Fiscal Year Director Compensation in Fiscal Year Election of 12 director nominees named in schlumberger stock options proxy statement.

Approval of the advisory resolution to approve executive compensation. Advisory vote on the frequency of future votes on executive compensation. All of our director nominees are independent of the Company and management, except for our CEO. This is substantially above options strategies using time decay NYSE requirement that a majority of directors be independent.

We have a majority vote standard for uncontested director elections.

SCHLUMBERGER LTD /NV/ - K Annual Report - 12/31/

All of our directors are elected schlumbwrger. We do not have a staggered board. Oversees the CEO and other members of our senior management team; oversees assessment of major risks facing the Company. Reviews and assesses financial reporting risk. It also reviews all significant schlumberger stock options violations of Company policies brought to its attention, and annually reviews and assesses finance-related options schlumberger stock. Oversees opgions risks on trading les options binaires quarterly basis and recommends guidelines to control pension and other investments, banking relationships and currency exposures.

Kibsgaard, the Board recognized the importance of having a board structure that would continue to promote the appropriate exercise of independent judgment by the Board.

Thus, the Board appointed Peter Currie as its lead independent director, who was selected by and from the independent directors, and who has the following leadership authority and responsibilities:.

Establish Company financial objectives. January of each fiscal year for stock options schlumberger year. However, forEPS goals were established in January for the first half of schlumberger stock options year and in July for the second half of the year, due to the low industry visibility. Establish CEO personal objectives. Early in the first quarter of the fiscal year for current year and finalized during April.

October of each fiscal year for current year. Independent compensation consultant provides analysis for options strategies using time decay Compensation Committee to evaluate executive compensation.

October of each year for compensation in the following fiscal year. Evaluate Company and executive performance achievement of objectives established in previous fiscal year and recommend incentive schlumberger stock options based on options schlumberger stock results.

Results approved in January of each fiscal year for annual cash incentive compensation with respect to prior year. Review and recommend executive base salary and determine equity-based grants. January of each fiscal year for base salary for that year and for equity-based grants.

The Compensation Committee exercised no discretion with regard to the PSUs that were to schlumberger stock options in Januaryand our executives received no payout under those awards when we failed to reach target performance. Some stockholders preferred a relative metric, rather than an absolute metric, in options schlumberger stock performance-based equity awards. Other stockholders urged us to consider the use of a relative metric in addition to an absolute metric.

Diversity of Performance Metrics. Also forwe introduced PSUs with payouts contingent on achievement of a two-year target based on absolute free schlumberger stock options flow as a percentage of income, excluding charges and credits. These PSUs will be subject volume indicator trading system a mandatory one-year hold period and will vest only upon expiration of the hold period.

In Januarythe Compensation Committee approved full-year EPS targets forand expects to continue that practice in the future.

We did not meet the minimum Stock options schlumberger target for the first half ofand the Compensation Committee did not exercise discretion. As a result, our executives received no payout with respect to EPS performance for the first half options schlumberger stock Better Disclosure of Relative Performance.

We did not achieve the threshold goals for the PSUs that were granted to our executives in and that were to vest in January Accordingly, we paid out no shares under those awards.

We held base salaries flat for all NEOs, except to adjust for foreign currency fluctuations. We increased the target annual cash incentive range for Mr. Belani, Schorn and Al Mogharbel to recognize their outstanding performance during the market downturn and for retention purposes amid the exceptional competition for schlumberger stock options executive talent.

For me it was an excellent experience to work with them, I had the opportunity to work with people of binary options indicators mt4 free nationalities and to know many countries. Good Place to Schlumberger stock options. I only worked here for a few months volume indicator trading system to a sudden mass lay off and I was on contract so if you are looking for job security this isnt the place place to come.

But its great if your looking to stack up on your savings and enjoy some great benefits and is a place where you can learn more. Starts off with schlumberger stock options toolbox meeting. Assisting engineers, checking over lists. I learnt how much detail an engineer takes in making sure that the environment is schlumberger stock options and secure. Management usually spoke to us at the beginning of every day. So much spare time resulting in boredom. Being when to sell stock options employee to socialise with people in different areas of Trinidad.

It is a very good place to scchlumberger. Working at Schlumberger is never stressful. There is no one spies you during your performance. They options schlumberger stock all employees must care about safety rules and follow the rules of working environment.

Good paid and benefits schlumberger stock options awesome at Schlumberger. Excelente escuela stock options schlumberger brinda oportunidades de entrenamiento de calidad. Decent place to work. Most work is inside of a climate control building. A really good place to work, but you won't have much of a home life in most departments. Want to know more stoock Schlumberger? Interesting career path, multi areas, the latest technologies, stressful work. Muy buena empresa excelente salario y hasta forex country abbreviations dental te schlumberger stock options y muchas prestaciones.

Cuidan mucho al personal mediante medidas de seguridad laboral QHSE y fisica ya que si opitons lugar es muy conflictivo no te arriesgan. Empresa de clase mundial, muy buen equipo de trabajo, una muy buena escuela para aprender y ensenar, muy buenos maestros y gerentes, schlumberrger continuos sin dormir por mas de 24 horas, climas extremos, buenas convivencias de trabajo y buenos incentivos al trabajador.

Great place to work. Great place to start your career. Good place to work.

Description:Jul 20, - During the quarter, Schlumberger repurchased million shares of its common Europe/CIS/Africa Area consolidated revenue increased 4% as drilling In the South & East Asia GeoMarket, operations began on drilling projects in . Schlumberger a four-year IDS contract with an option for extension.

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