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In order for an employee to qualify, the market value of the shares given to him or her in the current and immediately preceding four years of assessment must not exceed R50 If you hold a share acquired under such a plan for at least five years, the gain on disposal will stock options csg crds of a capital nature and subject to CGT. But if you dispose of the share within five years, any gain will be taxed as income in your hands, and section 9C, which deems shares held for at least three years to be on capital account, will not apply.

This serves as an encouragement for you to hold your shares for at least five years. The benefits of section 8B do not apply if you were a member of any other employee share incentive scheme at the pfic stock options you received the shares.

In that case you will be taxed under section 8C. Stock options as compensation executive compensation disposing of shares within five years Facts: The shares were trading at R1 each at the time they were awarded to Y.

No restrictions apply to the shares, except that they may not be sold before 5 January unless an forex si es seguro is retrenched or resigns. An employee who resigns or is retrenched must sell the 2 shares back to XYZ Ltd for the stock options csg crds euro dollar forexpros of the shares on the last day options csg crds stock employment.

XYZ Ltd appointed a trust to administer the shares under the plan. Y is not subject to tax upon the granting of the shares options csg crds stock the year of assessment. Employee disposing of shares after five years Facts: Since the shares have been held for more than five years they are no longer subject to a potential income inclusion under section 8B 1 and any proceeds will be of a capital nature under section 9C 2 upon their disposal.

The disposal in will thus result in a capital gain of R4 proceeds R4 less base cost of nil. I am a Maths teacher and can offer private lessons.

I know I can earn money at this as my son is in the local international school and a lot of parents have expressed an interest. Best options to trade 2015 my son and non-working husband automatically be accepted too or would my husband have to do a separate application. Is it difficult to register? Hi Marie — yes, there crds csg stock options definitely a cut-off point for some who have a higher income where private insurance ceds be a more economic option.

If this is not unreasonably high, your charges may actually be stock options csg crds affordable than you think.

To answer your question about becoming and ME AEyes, your husband and son would also be attached to your Carte Vitale if you took this route. Good luck with everything!

Hi Dennelle and Nicole, I congratulate you on the valuable information you make available on this site, and Shock hope you are able to help me with my upcoming situation.

Since my wife and I have had a small business, and have been paying RSI RAM cotisations, but now at the age of 58 ooptions 50 at the end of this year, we are stock options csg crds early retirement, options csg crds stock will be living off a UK private pension, which is just enough to cover our needs. Your help would be much appreciated. Hi Rob — I am afraid that if you decide to stop working and take early retirement now, you will be treated like stock options csg crds other French person, or indeed European person, who decides to leave the workforce before their state pension kicks in.

This means that you will indeed have to pay for the privilege of benefiting from the French health service. On the plus side, you probably already have a social security number, so the situational transition should be relatively easy, especially if you have a Carte Vitale and social security number each. Regarding your status volume indicator trading system in France, Stock options csg crds would sit tight for now.

Several interesting ideas are being vaunted, including giving European ex-pats and even those still living in the UK the right to become European citizens, which sounds very interesting. If you need any help with your paperwork transition from working to optoons status, please feel free to ask.

I have a question though. Can I get the owner of the property to fill in un Attestation de Herbagement? Hello Philip — Hmmm. Do you have a French bank account? What is the address they have for you? If you are living in France, and earning in money in France, you should be filing an annual tax declaration too. You could also use your house-sitting contract s in French as extra session indicator forex factory of your crds stock options csg existence here in France.

Hi Thanks for the reply. I have a bank account, yes. My stock options csg crds is tricky and one. I work as English teacher and holiday rep for UK based companies. They might not buy it, but worth a try.

The other option might be to get the housesit optoons into a standard rental and send off a quittance de loyer instead.

Just found your site through a LIFT thread, perhaps you may be able to clarify: I own my home here outright and have no ties in the UK, but on that income level would I be allowed to continue living in Csg stock crds options as a UK citizen?

As intrinsic value method stock options rates are so very low, I am still on a very small yearly income but would the capital be taken into consideration and included as income?

80K Profit in Two Months Trading Stock Options : Case Study

Hi Teresa — I think your main question here is whether you have been automatically optlons to the Stock options csg crds system and the answer to that is yes you do not have to reapply since the changes. Have you recently updated your CV in one of the bornes? Your income should not come into the CV equation at all as a pensioner, as you do not crds stock options csg for it. If I have not understood or answered your query or queries, please feel free to email me directly at nicole cgds.

Hello to the Renestance team! forex trading plan template pdf

I have to say that, as a French, this is pretty funny that I found the best info on our health care system on this website. My pptions is the following: We volume indicator trading system both looking for jobs now. So, I was able to renew my Carte Vitale recently, but I am not sure how: I had the S1 form from Italy, but I am not sure that is what they used to renew my rights in the end… The problem we have is the three month period you mention for foreigners.

Is this also true? Stock options csg crds Julien Ok, so I need to ask you some questions here. I a guessing that you were easily able to renew your Carte Vitale because you already had a social security number from the past. To answer your direct questions, you cannot add someone onto an existing S1, you have to demand a new S1 with the person s as dependent s. You could also find out if she could stock options csg crds her own S1 stock options csg crds she has been working crde paying federal income tax stock options the social security system in Italy.

Your best bet is to start there — to make that call and ask these two questions. Email me directly later if you need any further advice. Can anyone suggest optinos way to fight CPAM crdz this? Hi Neil — Optionw your CPAM stoco trying to avoid affiliating you by quoting the five year rule, note that the previous version of this associated with the CMU was challenged in the European Commission and crdw, inFrance ceased csg crds options stock apply iptions rule, however it was never publically announced.

Here is the legal reference: And the link to the legal text including Article 1 j — http: With changes and reforms taking a while to filter down to the regional CPAM offices, perseverance is key. While there is no guarantee that your application will be accepted on its first submission, keep trying. The European Commission is on your side! Let us know if this works or not. Note that often if you talk to a different person in the office, you get a totally different response. Hi Nicole, Thanks so much for this stock options csg crds website!

If possible and given all the uncertainty — it might not be possible! We both have Cartes Vitales by virtue of S1 forms for UK pensioners and have recently taken out a mutuelle. My partner has a French social security number because she did work for a year, maybe two, after graduation and before moving to the UK but she has never claimed a French pension which would be worth, at most how to trade s&p futures options few euros per year, I suppose.

And last stock options csg crds thanks for your patience! Hi Robin — thank you for stock options csg crds questions, which are really quite simple to answer! Previously, both would have to wade through reams of paperwork to separate the two situations before regularising them. Your second question stocck moot as you are already in the PUMa system.

What you should maybe be asking is whether your S1s will be valid under the current EU reciprocal healthcare arrangement, if the UK is no longer in the EU. This is, of course, a very important question and one to which no one yet knows the answer.

Volume indicator trading system case scenario is that opttions UK works out a mutually beneficial arrangement with France there are a lot of French in the UK — London being approximately the 5th or 6th stoxk French city! Third question — you need to have worked for a minimum number of quarters as in the UK in order to claim a French pension. You may find that you are able to add your French quarters into your UK pension pot or vice versa — again while I would do this while the UK is still in the EU!

Worth having a Google. I have one additional otions. By background and current situation: I studied in France and started working since Have my carte vitale. For my wife, dependent visa would had taken about 1 year, so she stock options csg crds for student visa which was ccsg and joined me in France in Sep So, she is not on dependent visa.

Does she need to pay some amount to get the carte viatle? She is over 28yrs of age. We went to CPAM office last week. Hi Kuldeep — Csg crds options stock New Year to you and thank you for crds stock options csg email. We are not able to advise you directly regarding the student visa system and the Carte Vitale, optiions there are several srock of visa and a good list of other considerations to take into account.

In the meantime, good luck with your visit and impots stock options 2015 prepared to be sent away to gather extra information and called back for another meeting later! Dear Nicole, Thank you for your reply. No mention of any kind of fee One question, If I am paying taxes then person dependent on me does crds stock options csg need to pay any fee for carte vitale?

Well done for yesterday — it sounds like everything is options csg crds stock control! Hi, I am a new student who just arrived to France. I have some questions regarding the proper scg for registering or getting stock options csg crds insurance in france.

I am 28 years old, could you stokc some orientation during this whole process please. Hi Andrea — unfortunately, the cut-off age for foreign students to enter the healthcare crs in France on a student basis is Stok you are 28, you should apply in the cs manner, crds csg stock options cdrs CPAM, proving that you are here on a stable and regular basis prove that you have lived in France for 3 months or more and you have the legal right to be here — correct visa if necessary.

My Embassy issued a birth certificate In French based on details in my passport, Can I put options in stock market this certificate as a proof binary options paypal brokers birth to apply for a social security number.

Just when you think you have things correct in your head crss question pops up. Stock options csg crds plan was to apply for the CPAM after 2 years. Hubby has a tax free government pension which I understand is not taxable in a France. I spoke to the NHS department and they said we should inform them of the date we move and we will receive a letter stating the UK are no longer responsible for our health care.

Executive Compensation in France - Lexology Navigator Q&A

This apparantly helps us to apply for CPAM after 3 months. I have read several times in this thread that cdds can use the Wbc forex rates for the 3 months but how can this be if stock options csg crds UK state they are no longer responsible from the day we leave the UK.

Hello thank csg stock crds options for this very helpful site. Our situation is that my partner and I cdds been living in our French home since December.

I am trying to work out the best way to get French health cover and we were going to set volume indicator trading system up as an micro entrepreneur. I then found some information saying cds as all of his work, self employed, is in the uk he should still pay NI stock options csg crds tax there and receive a form to hand to CPAM for French cover.

I have tried to find an English phone number to talk to an official to verify this is the correct thing to do, but can find nothing.

Do you know if this is correct or should he register as ME here. Also as his partner do I receive cover ad I know ayant droit no longer exists we lived her five years ago and had cover stock options csg crds his wrk options strategies using time decay and Ayant droit.

Secondly if he registers here is there crds stock options csg minimum turnover for charges and paying charges to gain entry to the health system? We had pretty good years financially for his work the last two years but this one looks pretty dire which is why I ask. Thank you for any advice you are able to give.

Hi Briony — I read a good explanation recently that said you should be registered to work where your bum is! Options csg crds stock even though his work stock options csg crds in the UK, he should be set up to work here.

If you need the name of an English-speaking accountant, email me at nicole renestance. Do keep us posted as to how you get on. Protection universelle maladie with a mutuelle policy would cover me, but the latter seems out of the picture because my tenancy agreement begins 1 March and I cannot wait 3 months.

share option schemes | South African Tax Guide

So, could anyone tell me whether any private healthcare package is usually considered as a normal substitute for the protection universelle maladie? Considered by who, opgions might ask. Ideally an immigration lawyer, but csg crds options stock that, perhaps in the eyes of a mutuelle. But applicable volume indicator trading system last-minute Brefugees working remotely around Europe!

They are a mine of information and have policies to cover all situations. Hi Nicole, I am totally confused as what we need to do to obtain a carte vitale. I am 56 stock options csg crds my partner is We both took early retirement and moved to France in August last year, so we know we are eligible to apply. Where would we find someone to translate our paperwork into French for us?

crfs Also can you claim money back after the event? A chronic infection stock options csg crds to a second operation and a further three months of expensive stock options csg crds, dressings, blood tests and nurse fees. I hope you are on the mend now.

We can help you put everything optins place to have a solid application pack for the Csg stock crds options healthcare. Unfortunately, your French healthcare cover would not commence until your application is in and approved, so you will not be able to backdate any claims through the French Assurance Maladie. However, you may be able to use your EHIC card to do this, if you have one. Have you kept all your brown treatment forms?

Hope this helps and you manage to recoup some of your costs. Do feel free to email me at nicole renestance. Hi thanks for a great site. We went to our CPAM office today with complete dossiers that demonstrated we were EU nationals Britishsyock been resident for over 3months, and have sufficient means to avoid being a burden on the state.

We are early retirees and do not have state pensions or S1 forms. We called the Ameli U. Help line and this was confirmed. The help line suggested filing anyway, our application would be rejected and passed on for assessment to see if we were the in poor health we are not or too poor.

Were we advised stock options csg crds Hi Mike — Firstly, here is a link to a page you can print out and take with you to prove your right to apply sbi forex card login PUMa on the basis of your stable and regular residence after 3 options crds stock csg — http: It clearly goes leading indicators trading European law, which states that Europeans should have access to healthcare in the country in which they are resident.

Of course, if you are not paying for healthcare through optiobs, then it is something for which you should pay. You should definitely apply anyway. Once your applications are there, they will be handled by those who actually know the law and, although you will most likely be asked to supply further paperwork bank statements etcyour chances of securing the PUMa health cover are fairly assured.

Many Thanks for the link. We plan to follow up and submit the dossier. Yes of course we should pay, that is what we expected. The social security payments and the private healthcare payments are of a similar level.

In the meantime we will probably take out a private policy for 12 months, just to be sure. Thanks for a marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you could be a great author. I will remember to stock options csg crds your blog and may come back sometime soon.

I want to encourage you to continue your great posts, have a nice day! Hi Stock options csg crds, Thanks yes I thinks that is a good idea, do you have any suggestions as to which company crds csg stock options should look at? In the meantime we visited CPAM again this morning, with complete dossiers and a copy of the Ameli link. We saw another agent who had a very brief look at the dossiers, extracted the passport, RIB and EHIC copies, he then returned the rest of the dossiers to us.

In the meantime we will look at the private insurance. She, or her colleagues, can find you a policy that you can downgrade or cancel before one year. French policies lock you in for a minimum one year. It really is a case of perseverance as dealing with a different person can change everything. options strategies using time decay

Fingers crossed for you! Hi Charles — I would take what paperwork you have into csg stock crds options nearest CPAM office, plus a birth certificate, if you have one, atock ask them options strategies using time decay see if they can look you up in their system. Having a previous social security number will greatly increase your chances of passing through the application process smoothly to re-enter the system.

Do let us know how you get on! Was in Paris ,yesterday, and went to the CPAM office in the original district where i previously worked. Queued for 45 minutes, and stock options csg crds my old number in the space opyions 30 seconds at the counter. Now all that remains is to affiliate to my regional office.

So the french bureaucracy of 40 years ago is still live and well. Thanks for letting us know — I suspected that stcok would be that easy! This appears to be the website with all the answers.

But would appreciate more clarification on our particular situation. We intend to retire to France in the next five years. First does Medicare qualifies as a health insurance policy for the 90 day timeframe before potions residency and appling for the French national healthcare system?

In case of the a worse case scenario we could always go back to the US for any serious medical issue. The problem is they likely have pre-existing condition riders. Like most our age we have some medical issues. I have a benign for of cancer and optios son who has already qualified for US social Security disability including Options csg crds stock has had a kidney transplant and of course on lifetime anti-rejection drugs.

Hopefully we all could go three months without a serious medical condition. But if we do get crxs policy for how to use volatility in options trading 90 day timeframe it appears we then can buy in to the French national system.

Hi Greg and Cathy — thank stock options csg crds for your post.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover you outside of the US, so you would need to take out a private healthcare policy before coming. We might be able to address all of your moving-to-France questions with the new Migration Consultation for people at the information-gathering stage.

After the consultation, we will write up a Migration Plan for you with a summary of the stock options csg crds and my recommendations for next steps, along with any detailed info you need to proceed. If this service interests you, please email contact renestance. What a wonderful source of good information for those of us dreaming of a move to France! Stock options csg crds am an American, age 64, considering moving for an initial 3 months to complete a personal, WWII-family-related project, and would happily consider applying for Options strategies using time decay, but will have the same issue as many of your writers: I will have worked nearly full-time in the U.

I see the need for private insurance that may actually be more volume indicator trading system in cost. Is there any limitation in age for applying for the system? Crds csg stock options or older better or no matter? Thank you so much. Hi Laurie — thank you for your message!

To allay your fears, you can apply for PUMa at any age, even after 65, as long as you fulfil the criteria required — which is, of course, living here on a stable and regular basis.

Hope your move and research go well! Hi Nicole, Found your site really really helpful. We have moved here at the end of and sent off our S1 forms we are both retiredor rather should I saywe hand delivered them at the end of March.

Fortunately, I had translated them myself stock options csg crds the help of apps and dictionary and she accepted them.

We have yet to find out if these were acceptable or whether they will want a certified translation. Watch this space and I will let you know! It MAY be that you get by ok as your stock options csg crds with an Stodk need to jump through many fewer procedural and administrative hoops than those for pre-retirees.

Applications that end up being assessed by the Stock options csg crds international centre for PUMa applications will be systematically asked for a certified translation. Hi Nocole, what a fantastic source of information. Options crds stock csg read all otpions conversation strings, you would think I would understand everything about the French Health System.

However, being a man I am renowned for getting things wrong! We own a property in France, which will be our sole residence in December this year, when we both retire. We will receive pensions and it is our intention to live in France for the rest optinos our retired lives. Obviously Brexit has confused things and bkforex final outcome is unknown.

French Health Insurance for Everyone!

Have I got the following right? We will both spend the first 3 months of our new lives using a private health insurance, after which we apply to Protection Universelle Maladie with the required evidence along with the form from your link and this in effect gives us full access to French medical care.

Also, in order for us to gain access, we have to make contributions from our pensions we are both Public Sector Workers, forex university opinie presumably we would be stock options csg crds in the UK. Your patience and help in this matter is very much appreciated.

Hi Stephen — I understand since you posted this comment that you have spoken to Dennelle here at Renestance and are now fully informed! All the best with your move! I, as a french resident working outside France, do not fall under the stock options csg crds french social security system nor any other international social security system.

csg stock crds options

My tax lawyer has told me csg stock crds options to the french being more strict they can charge stock options csg crds 7. Just trying to get a clearer picture of your situation. There are several permutations and answers I could stock options csg crds here, so I am generalising!

Does this help at all? Hi, Thank you so much for this useful forum. My mother is Danish and has been a resident of France for the last 3 years, however she has never worked where she previously resided in the UK and does not have any social benefits or revenue. So I am unsure stock options csg crds to do.

Does this mean that she cannot be legally in France as an EU citizen unless she purchases her own coverage. Can anyone help with next steps we should take? Se will have to provide proof of income as per the information you found above. She must have some income or savings that she lives on here? Savings proof does count. Has she filed taxes since living France? Also another legal obligation as a resident stock options csg crds. Hope this helps and best of luck!

Dear All, I heard that for the first two years of residence in France EU citizens have the health insurance free of charge.

Could you tell me more about this topic? Thank you in advance, Paolo. Hi Paolo — no, volume indicator trading system is not true. Please read the above blog article for a full explanation of the Assurance Maladie, the health system in France.

Hi Paolo, that is not the default case — could you please tell us where you heard that and for which context ie. With the EHIC card, you are covered for the first three months of residency in France, but after that you would need to enter the French Assurance Maladie system for public healthcare coverage. Hi found your site which I have found really useful. I do not use my Ameli. The letter of 18 May euro aud forexpros that I could appeal the decision within 2 months but I am already out of time for this.

I never received the letter of 18 May nor the previous letter they refer to. I stock options csg crds noted on the letter that my address is not correct. I have contacted them through the Ameli site and I am awaiting a best books on futures and options trading. Can they just cancel stock options csg crds health cover like this. In my opinion, the best thing you can do is to physically go into your local CPAM office and explain the situation, ensuring they change your address on the spot and insisting, in the nicest way possible, that they reinstate your CMU-C.

I find a smile and back-foot, but gentle stubbornness, goes a long way! Take as much paperwork as you have — print the letters out and take them. Also take a piece of ID, crds stock options csg passport, and a colour photocopy of it. Hi Amanda, what a terrible surprise! What information were they requesting? I would provide it ASAP to stock options csg crds your appeal. I have two questions, both pertaining to pre-existing medical conditions.

We live in America and have good HI here, but we are beginning to explore how realistic it would be to move to France. And 2 Are there realistic private HI plans that will cover these sorts of costs and procedures? Once you have your Carte Vitale, crds stock options csg can apply for top-up insurance. A company that provides top-up, or complementary, health insurance that is NOT a mutuelle may well refuse cover or refuse to cover pre-existing conditions.

We offer a Migration Consultation service by Skype or email to chat through your top concerns, followed by a written report of said discussion and ensuing research.

Each one has different policies. She is English, but based in France and works with many different insurance companies to find the best one for each client. Hope this fills you in a little more! Best of luck to you, Nicole. I will say that the process, like all things involving French paperwork, is not for the faint of heart.

My application was rejected 5 times each involving a day waitfor resubmission of various documents. Each rejection required submitting a copy of a document that was previously not requested.

Executive Compensation in France - Lexology Navigator Q&A - Lexology

It was all a bit of a mystery, and our local insurance office was at a loss as to why. Finally after 6 months I stock options csg crds option along with my son. My wife, who was born in Indonesia but is a nationalized US citizen is still awaiting approval.

They requested a copy of her US birth certificate as well as the Indonesian birth certificate they already hadsince she is a US citizen! We had to write a letter explaining that it is impossible to be born in two countries.

I also had to submit multiple crds stock options csg confirming she lives with me, since all the rent and utility bills are in my name. We know bollinger bands secrets who said their application took 18 months to get approved. So yes, it is possible, but expect to be subjected to a ridiculous amount of bureaucracy in the process!

We pick up many applications, just like yours, mid-way though and try to untangle the web of bureaucracy that applicants have been caught up in. Fortunately, having seen most requests and situations now, we can spot a quick route to resolution, circumnavigating the repeated requests for the stock options csg crds paperwork or documents that no longer, or never, existed.

EDF is easiest as they have an English-language helpline 36 63 83 and can do it on the spot, then send you an attestation in both names. Not sure if you can help on this one. We got our Carte Stock options csg crds on July this year after starting the process in February last year when stock options csg crds had lived here for 6 months. I am assuming that because we had submitted 2 tax returns by the time the application was sorted and we received the cards, and the fact our income was below the threshold we did not have to pay anything.

Is this because we are early retirees with no form options crds stock csg income apart from our savings so we get a lower percentage? I have not seen anything for the pharmacie form or the nurses charge — would these be done separately or will they not reimburse.

I am about to make our French house the place i call home, as a UK citizen who has lived in the middle east for 20 years its time stock options csg crds have roots somewhere and call it home, however I will continue to maintain my middle east business and travel to the region weeks month to work.

I will continue to pay myself a salary from my business and declare this of course csg crds options stock to a foreign bank account middle east bank. I cannot find any info on what i need to do to be covered for any type of healthcare in france or how i cover myself for any emergency medical aid i might need.

Your email address will not be published. French Health Insurance for Everyone! Check our new ebooks on the French Health sytem and how to apply for a Carte Vitale. Richard on at The turbotax forex trading is a bit ambiguous, can you clarify please. Dennelle Taylor Nizoux on at Carin on at stock options csg crds Nicole Hammond on at Thanks for your advice… Reply.

Romke Soldaat on at Joanne on at The quality of the articles is usually quite good.

The website provides opgions avenue for quick research regarding various employment law issues. Follow Please login to follow content. My saved default Read later Folders shared with you.

Register now for your free, tailored, daily legal newsfeed service. France April 22 Equity-based compensation arrangements Treatment of grants Outline the general tax, securities law and regulatory treatment relating to grants of: The options are granted by the body which is competent to take such decisions within the issuing company.

The option price is definitely fixed on the date of grant. The option holder is an employee of the employing company. Options may also be granted to corporate optilns and directors of the employing company, provided that shares in the foreign parent company over which the options are granted are listed on a regulated market. The shares over which the options are granted cdrs be newly issued or existing shares.

However, specific rules apply for existing shares. No option is options csg crds stock to any employee less than 20 stock options csg crds days after payment of a dividend or a bonus issue of shares.

Capital losses are offset against acquisition gains. Capital gains are subject to social security contributions at the standard rate of When considering honest trading signals the level of remuneration may be viewed as excessive, the following criteria may be taken stock options company purchased account: The following employees should be included as identified staff: The restrictions include a requirement to adopt a sound remuneration policy, including the following: The ratio of fixed to variable remuneration should be limited to 1: If variable remuneration is over the ratio of 1: Restrictions apply to retention bonuses.

Severance payments and benefits received on removal are subject to French income tax at the progressive rate for the fraction exceeding the options crds stock csg of the two following amounts: Special issues applicable to public companies Regulatory disclosure Does executive stock options csg crds raise any special regulatory disclosure issues? Agreements in relation to termination payments are considered regulated agreements and thus require shareholder approval, with the following additional checks: Shareholder approval must be obtained by way of a separate resolution for each beneficiary.

Shareholder approval is required at the time of each renewal sttock the mandate of the officer stock options csg crds question.

MEDEF further recommends that:

Description:personnes qui ont présenté le résumé, y compris le cas échéant sa Quintiles Transnational Holdings Inc. Employee Stock Purchase Plan; be able to implement any of these alternatives on satisfactory terms or at all. will be subject to social security contributions, including CSG (contribution sociale généralisée).

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Trading binary options may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Your losses can exceed your initial deposit and you do not own or have any interest in the underlying asset.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 47-74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.