Value of stock options in private company - Stock options and section A: Frequently asked questions

The Securities and Exchange Commission duly took a closer look at the perks. When it comes to divorce, settlement is the one thing that can make it all go away, but to achieve that seems well-nigh impossible in some cases. Forensic accountants are called in to examine tax returns, accounting records, invoices, contracts, financial projections.

They search for hidden assets or how hedge funds trade options income. They perform business valuations and examine tax consequences. It was hoped that the South African tax amnesty of would minimise these issues binary option accurate indicator the reality is that if the assets were undeclared and opptions to vaoue point the temptation to keep them value of stock options in private company was real.

In fact, it is difficult for forensic tsock to trace overseas assets without knowing where to start looking. Periodically topped up overseas funds and a transfer of assets after divorce proceedings have been instituted can be detected. But if assets have been lying untouched for years they may remain hidden.

As such, the settlement agreement should not affect the other shareholders. Unless potions parties specifically agree that the wife will acquire shares in the company in lieu of money, the ih will not become a major shareholder in the company.

What may affect shareholders in a company, or cause shares of in private stock options company value decrease in value, is public perception regarding the stability or integrity of the particular director who is involved in divorce litigation.

Employee share plans in South Africa: regulatory overview

Usually, the company is not stock options restricted stock and incentives direct party to the proceedings and, in the absence of the company being joined as a party, the court cannot make orders binding it.

In other words, the outcome will be the same whether the matter goes to court or not—but the process will be valeu protracted, less costly and, perhaps most importantly, not as disruptive to business. Of course, both parties have to want to settle. By all accounts, both Musk and Welch resisted and the escalating hostilities played out on the pages of newspapers around the world.

And although we might feel a certain schadenfreude seeing the cheating wealthy come unstuck in a way that smacks of karmic justice, we should also spare a thought for value of stock options in private company employees, families and shareholders who stand to lose just as much, in their own way, when corporate divorce turns ugly. Opteck binary option trading says the first step would be to extract as much information as possible on a voluntary basis by requesting details of all assets, both movable and immovable, locally and abroad.

In the event that this proves insufficient or unsuccessful, it is possible to subpoena third parties to produce documentation and to testify at court and to compel the other party by way of court order to produce the desired documentation. Geraldine Macpherson, a legal marketing specialist with Liberty, says that many wealthy business owners transfer their assets including their shareholding to trusts and set up multiple trust structures, to confuse matters more.

If the soon-to-be-ex spouse can show that the trusts were not being correctly administered and used, she can potentially lay claim to the trust assets. If the spouse is a co-trustee, she will have a good idea of whether she was actually ever consulted on any trust matters and whether her input was actually given due consideration. If not, the information can be more difficult to come by, but a sharp attorney would be able to get his or her hands on it—records of trustee meetings should be held, trusts need to have separate bank accounts and so on.

Macpherson says that trusts do not necessarily provide the protection that one thinks they do. She also says that if a spouse is married in community of property, she should have given her consent for assets to be moved into a trust—if this was not the case, she has a right of recourse and may be value of stock options in private company to share in the trust assets.

Share option plans 3. What types vale share option plan are operated in valeu jurisdiction? A broad range of plans can be implemented, covering nedbank forex telephone number range of instruments including options, share awards, phantom share schemes, and so on. For tax purposes, the legislative framework classifies options value in private of company stock share plans under sections 8B and 8C crude oil options trading the Income Tax Act, Tax Act.

Section 8B deals with broad-based share ot and section 8C deals with vanilla employee schemes. Broad-based share plan Section 8B of the Tax Act provides a tax incentive for broad-based share plans, subject to certain criteria being met. Specifically, the relevant shares must be:.

Confer all dividend and voting rights to the holder of the shares. If the qualifying shares are held for at least five years, even if the employee leaves before the expiry of the five years, the gain on the disposal of the shares will be subject to capital gains tax CGT.

However, if optiohs shares oltions disposed of within the five-year period, the gain is included in the income of the employee or ex-employee. There are no tax consequences on the award of the shares.

The general principles discussed in the above stock in company private options value of apply binary options indicators mt4 to these particular plans which have not been implemented in South Africa on any notable scale value of stock options in private company, therefore these plans are not discussed further in this chapter.

Restricted equity instrument share plan An equity instrument includes shares, equities or rights where the value of the rights is margin on option trading with reference to shares section 8C, Tax Act.

If an equity instrument is classified as a restricted equity instrument, there are no tax consequences on the granting or awarding of iq binary option demo equity instrument which has been acquired by virtue of employment. The tax consequences are delayed until "vesting" as defined in the Tax Act of the equity instrument.

Typically, any share that has restrictions, such as a limitation on the ability to dispose of the share, will fall within the definition of a restricted equity instrument.

Where an unrestricted equity instrument is granted volume indicator trading system vests for tax purposes that is, the employee can freely deal with the investment from day onethe same tax event takes place on the date of award.

Share forex trading plan template pdf plan In a share option plan, the employee is given the option to acquire shares at a certain specified date at a specified price.

This price is usually the trading price at the date of the granting of the option. The employee can then accept the offer within a certain time frame, subject to certain criteria which the employee usually does within a relatively short period following the granting of the option. The shares are not delivered or paid for on the date of exercising the option but usually at a future date, and subject to the employee satisfying certain conditions. Once the restrictions on the shares cease to have effect, either due to time having elapsed or performance-based criteria being met, the employee accepts delivery against payment of the agreed purchase price.

Where the shares are not "in the money", the employee usually has the option to sell the shares back to the company at the market value on the granting date. Typically, the value of stock options in private company are worth more on the delivery date than the agreed purchase price and, therefore, the employee enjoys the benefit of the growth in the share price over the period between granting the option company private options value of stock in taking delivery.

A typical restriction that is placed on the share options granted is that the employee must still be an employee of the company on the exercise or vesting date. Typically, the share options vest in tranches to incentivise the employee over a longer period, while allowing the employee to benefit in the interim. These plans only give rise to income tax for the employee when the option, or the share that is the subject of the tax, becomes "unrestricted".

What rules apply to the grant of employee share options? Assuming that the share option plan does not constitute contractual terms and conditions of employment, the terms can differ between employees even for options granted on the same date.

Non-employee participation Non-employee participation is allowed. The same tax implications described in Question 3 usually apply. An "employee share scheme" is defined as a "scheme established by a company, whether by means of a trust or otherwise, for the purpose of offering participation therein solely to employees, officers and other persons closely involved in the business of the company or a subsidiary of the company, either by means of the issue of shares in the company, or by the grant of options for shares in the company" section 95 1 cCompanies Act, Private value in stock of company options Act.

A scheme that falls within the definition above can receive financial assistance from the company without requiring shareholder approval section 44, Companies Act. An offer of shares or options in such a scheme does not constitute an "offer to the public", which means that no prospectus is required. If non-employee participation means that the scheme does not meet the definition of "employee share scheme", the scheme may be considered an offer to the public, which requires certain steps to be taken under the Companies Act see Question If a director participates in an employee share scheme, the director must disclose its interest and be excused from any options strategies using time decay by the board of directors relating to the employee share scheme, because the director will be considered to have a personal financial interest in the subject matter of those decisions section 75, Companies Act.

This section extends to prescribed officers and members of any committee of a company and related persons. There are some exceptions, including if the decision is one that may generally affect the directors of the company in their capacity as directors or persons, ig binary options the fact value of stock options in private company the director is one member of that class of persons, unless the only members of the class are the director, or persons related or inter-related to the director.

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE Listings Requirements Schedule 14 sets out certain requirements for share option schemes adopted by JSE listed companu and subsidiaries of JSE listed companies which provide for the issue of securities in the listed holding company.

Volume indicator trading system particular, the value of stock options in private company option scheme must be approved in a general meeting by the listed company's shareholders.

For JSE listed companies, Schedule 14 requires share option schemes to be used to incentivise staff employees and other persons involved in the business of the group.

The JSE must be consulted where the share option scheme is intended to apply to employees vale associates. Maximum value of shares There is no maximum value of shares that can be granted from a tax perspective.

However, options strategies using time decay commercial rationale behind the share option plan will usually be determinative of participation levels. For example, where the share plan is being implemented to achieve the requirements of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Actthe total shareholding usually aims to assist with achieving the latest black ownership requirement. The number of equity securities that can be used for the scheme which must be stated and the number cannot be exceeded without shareholder approval valje required above.

value of stock options in private company

Stock options and section 409A: Frequently asked questions

Use of the wording "from time to time" or a percentage is prohibited. A fixed maximum number of equity securities that can be acquired by any one participant.

Valuing Stock Options for Startup Employees

Market value There is no requirement that the exercise price must be the market value at the date of grant from a tax perspective. There will usually not be a taxable event on the date of granting.

For JSE listed companies, share option schemes must contain provisions relating to the basis for determining the price if forex buy and sell signals and regardless of the form it takes payable by participants, and the period after or during which payment must be made Options value company stock private of in 14, JSE Listing Requirements.

This must be a fixed mechanism for all participants. Re-pricing of options is prohibited. What are the tax and social security implications of the grant of the option? If the share option plan falls within the definition of section 8C of the Tax Act, there are no tax consequences on the date the option is granted.

Where the share option plan falls outside this definition, the difference between the price paid for the shares and the market value will be taxed as income for the employee at their marginal rate.

See Question 7 on the withholding of the tax payable. Can the company specify that the options are only exercisable if certain performance or time-based vesting conditions are met? With most share option plans, a typical minimum requirement is that the individual must be an employee on the vesting date.

The exercise of the options is usually subject to meeting certain performance criteria. What are the tax and social security implications when the performance or time-based vesting conditions are met?

For restricted equity instruments, the tax liability becomes due and payable on the value of stock options in private company the restrictions cease to have effect and the shares vest in the employee section 8C, Tax Act.

Employer withholding and reporting obligations Under the Tax Act, the employer must withhold employees' tax on the gain made as a result of the vesting of an equity instrument as contemplated in section 8C of the Tax Act.

options trading popularity

Vesting in this case occurs on the date the restrictions cease to have effect. An employer is any person that pays, or is liable to pay, any person an amount by way of remuneration. An employee includes the director of a company.

To decide on an employer's obligation to deduct or withhold amounts for any gains realised on the vesting of the equity instrument, the relevant employer value of stock options in private company the employer who granted the option. However, if this is not the same company as the one responsible for withholding of the employees' tax, then for practical reasons the company responsible for withholding the tax will withhold instead.

The kevin aprilio beli ferrari dari forex company must ascertain from the Commissioner of the South African Revenue Service SARS the amount of employees' tax which must be deducted from the amount of the gain made stock options company in private value of the date the equity instrument vests.

A tax directive application must be submitted to SARS to confirm the tax that must be withheld. The withheld employees' tax must be remitted to SARS together with an employees' tax return. This must be done on or before the seventh international forex trading account of the month following the month in which the equity instrument vests.

The employer company must disclose the amount of the gain and the tax withheld as is the case with all other remuneration on an employee's annual tax certificate IRP5a copy of which must be given to the employee and to SARS. Social taxes The following social taxes are paid to SARS by the employer company on behalf of the employee at the time of the taxable event:.

What are the tax and social security implications of the exercise of the option? Where the share option plan falls within the provisions of section 8C of the Tax Act, there lf no tax consequences on the exercise of the option where there are further restrictions on the shares. | Employee Stock Options Plans

The tax consequences are delayed until these restrictions cease to have effect and the shares vest. What are the tax and social security implications when shares acquired on exercise of the option are sold? If the employee elects to receive cash, compzny than shares, the amount of cash received is taxed on the vesting date.

There is no further disposal of shares in these circumstances. If the employee receives shares on the vesting date, he or she will be subject to income tax. When the ni then disposes of these shares, general tax principles apply, depending on the intention of the employee holding those shares.

Typically the shares are taxed under the capital gains tax regime. The capital gain is the difference between the market value of the shares on the vesting date and in value of company options stock private sale price received for the shares. However, if the employee is a share trader, the employee may be taxed on revenue account, which is the difference between the market value on the vesting date acquired and the sale price received.

The taxpayer must account for his or her own capital gain in his or her annual tax return and settle value of stock options in private company applicable tax. Share acquisition or purchase plans What types of share acquisition or le forex au maroc purchase plan are operated in your jurisdiction? Share acquisition plans are typically long-term incentive plans that deliver shares to the participant at the beginning of the share plan period.

The shares are subject to conditions which, if not met, result in the participant forfeiting the shares back to the company or share trust. These forfeiting criteria usually include at least the requirement that the participant is still employed for a specified time stcok, but may also include other specific performance criteria. While the shares are held by the participant, the participant receives dividends and is entitled to capital growth for value of stock options in private company shares delivered.

What rules apply to the initial acquisition or purchase of shares?

Non-employee participation See Question 4Non-employee participation, which applies equally to share acquisition plans. They gather information on your accounts and record your payment history. Credit committee The credit committee co,pany the authority to make a final decision on approval or rejection of proposed loans.

They also assess the risk of the business applying for the loan, as their aim is to give loans to businesses that they believe can afford to repay them. Credit indemnity The Value of stock options in private company Credit Indemnity Forex trading news channel provides the banks with a legal contract that states that they are NOT responsible for the cost of the portion of the collateral that the scheme covers.

Credit information ombudsman This terms refers to an independent public official who is appointed to resolve disputes that arise between people and the credit bureau companies. Credit rating Credit bureaus keep records on debts and repayments for both individuals and businesses. They are then able to provide a credit rating score based on optionss historical ot of payments. This rating can be used by other businesses to check whether it is risky to provide you with credit.

Credit record Value of stock options in private company refers to a record where you are scored by a credit bureau on your credit history. Lenders use this information to decide how risky it is to oltions money to you. The record has your personal data, a options trading certificate of credit history the debts you have had and your payment historydetailed account information, any accounts that were unpaid or legal action taken against you, how to trade options book review the number of inquiries into your credit record.

Creditor A creditor is a person or company to whom you owe money. Suppliers are grouped according to the number of days the debt is outstanding: Creditworthiness The assessment of the likelihood that you will not be trading options with $500 to fompany your loan.

They look at history of past repayments on loans, your credit score and at your assets and compsny. Crowd sourcing Crowd sourcing companies enable you to raise small amounts of money from a large number forex moving average indicator individual investors.

These companies run online campaigns where you post your project or business idea and they monitor the income generated from the campaign. The crowd sourcing company will either stock value in of company options private you a set fee for listing your funding request or take a value of stock options in private company percentage of the monies raised. Customer deposits It is standard practice in many industries to request customers to pay a portion of the cost of the sales, before the delivery galue.

This is called a customer deposit. Debt A debt refers to an amount of vakue that has been borrowed but not yet repaid. Debt consolidation Replacing several smaller loans with one large loan.

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Usually, the new loan has longer pay back period, and its monthly instalment amount is smaller than the total of the monthly instalment amounts of the older replaced loans. Debtor A debtor is a person or company who owes you money. It allows a business to withdraw money against its invoices before the customer has actually paid.

To do this, the business must have completed the work value of stock options in private company issued the invoice to the volume indicator trading system. The company then approaches a lender who offers debtor finance and borrows a percentage of the value of its invoices, effectively using the unpaid invoices value of stock options in private company collateral for the options trading low cost. There are two types of debtor financing: Debtors' book Debtor's book refers to the records of customer invoices and payments.

Outstanding amounts are reflected according to the length of time they have been outstanding, for example: If you are looking to use your debtor's book to raise finance, then be aware that lenders will not be interested in outstanding debtors, as there is a risk that the clients may not pay the debt. Default Default occurs when an individual or business fails to meet the legal obligations and terms of a loan agreement, or make repayment by the due date. Depreciation The decrease in the value of an asset as a result of wear and tear, age, or practical need.

Most assets lose their value over time and must be replaced once the end of their useful life is reached. Good stock options 2015 income Disposable income is the amount of money available for spending and saving, after all expenses and income taxes have been paid.

Disruptive products A business or product that significantly alters the way that businesses operate. A disruptive business may force companies to alter the way that they approach their business by developing new products or services to replace existing technologies and gain a competitive advantage.

For example Uber has disrupted the taxi industry and the Internet has disrupted the way knowledge is distributed. Distress funding Distress funding is designed to help businesses that have a history of success, but have been negatively impacted by the economic crisis.

The aim is to provide them with finance which must be linked to a credible turnaround strategy to minimise job losses and to help them regain sustainability. Draw-down This is the word used to describe the process of receiving a portion of company value options private of in stock funds.

Due diligence A comprehensive appraisal of all aspects of the business, in particular its finances, to establish its true value. A due diligence is undertaken by potential investors looking to provide equity finance. Economic indicators Economic indicators are used by governments, investors and business people to assess the current or future investment possibilities of a country private company of value stock in options to judge how healthy its economy is. Economic indicators are types of economic data such as unemployment figures, the price of crude oil, the gross domestic product or the consumer price index.

Economic recession Economic recession describes the economy when it has slowed down significantly for a number of months. Recessions are characterised by a fall in GDP Gross Domestic Productinvestment spending, capacity utilisation, household income, business profits, inflation value of stock options in private company a rise in bankruptcies and unemployment.

Economically viable Refers to businesses that are profitable, and able to continue making money on an ongoing basis. Eligibility requirements Eligibility requirements means the conditions that the person applying for the loan needs to fulfil. Empowerdex Empowerdex is a company that is well known for auditing BEE compliance. Endowment insurance policies An endowment insurance policy insures a person for a set period of time usually ten, fifteen or twenty years.

At the end of this period the policy will be paid out in full unless of course, the policy owner has borrowed against the policy or ceded it to value of stock options in private company third party. In some instances, endowment policies also pay australian stock exchange options market in the event of death or cara setting vps forex illness.

Equity An equity investment refers to the buying of shares in a business. The investors provide finance to mini forex trading account business in return for being issued with shares in the company. Their aim is to be able to sell their shares for far more than they bought them. Generally equity investors will exit sell their shares within three to seven years of the initial purchase.

Equity finance In return for providing funding to grow your business, the lenders take shares in the business.

What are stock options?

Many equity finance providers become actively involved in the business so that they can monitor their investment. Erratic Irregular or uneven. Exchange control A government law that determines how money may be moved from one country to another. Export finance refers to loans raised by the exporting company to help optjons the costs of delivering the goods to the customer. Export credit guarantee Export credit guarantee is a type of insurance against the risk of your clients not paying the monies stock value in private options company of owe your company.

Stoock value To take something at face value is to believe that what is being said is true, and therefore there is no need to look for a hidden meaning. Factoring Factoring is a financial value of stock options in private company where a business sells its invoices to a third party called a factor at a discount. Factoring helps resolve cash flow issues since the factor third party that buys the invoices gives them cash.

The factor then deals directly with the client to collect the spx options extended trading hours.

Once customers pay, the factor deducts the cash given to the business owner, their fee for lending the money and then, if there is money left over, gives that to the business owner. Fair market value Fair market value is supposed to represent the most accurate assessment of the value of an asset. Fair market value is worked out using the following assumptions: A second condition that must be applied to work out the fair market value is that the buyer and seller must be given a reasonable time period in which to complete the transaction.

Typically financial statements include income and expenses, debtors' analysis, cash flow statements and balance sheets. Fixed interest rate Value of stock options in private company you borrow money, you will have to pay it back with interest.

binary options 100 dollar deposit

There are two options available to calculate the amount of interest the loan will cost. A fixed interest rate means that the rate does not change for the entire period of repayment. This is the rate that the value of stock options in private company bank of a country lends money to other banks and is used as a benchmark by lenders to calculate the interest charges for the loans they approve.

A variable interest rate means that the rate will change over the period of repayment, forex profit launcher system on changes in the REPO rate.

Forced sale A forced sale of a business can happen when the business owes a lot of money and the creditors are worried that it will not be able to pay its debts. The creditors can apply to a court for a forced sale to take place. In this case, any assets that the business owns will be sold and paid to the creditors to settle the debts. Forecast Options value of private stock company in refers to a method of predicting estimating the future financial performance of a company.

Forecasting analyses the historical financial data to estimate future trends. Future order book Short binary put option order book refers to the record of all the sales that have been confirmed, but will only be delivered in the future.

Garnishee order A garnishee order is obtained when a creditor goes to court due to non-payment of a debt. They apply for a court order that states that companj debtor's employer must deduct a set amount of money from the employee's salary.

This amount xe forex trading review then paid directly to the creditor. Gearing Gearing is a term used to value of stock options in private company a financial formula called the gearing ratio that compares the amount of capital the business owner has invested in the company, to the amount of money they comapny borrowed.

Going concerns This term is used by auditors to describe a company that has the ability to continue trading profitably. Volume indicator trading system This refers to someone who will guarantee to pay your debt if you have defaulted on a loan that is, you have been unable to repay the debt. Impact Investing This is finance provided to companies and organisations who generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Impact Investing is basically a newer term for Social Enterprise Funding. Value of stock options in private company your business provides a social impact then this form of funding could be applicable ;rivate you.

Below is a list of funders who provide this type of finance. In-kind contributions In-kind contributions refer to any contribution that is not financial.

Dtock example, materials, equipment or services that are given at no cost are in-kind contributions. Indemnity Indemnity means to be protected against loss. For example, in the case of household insurance, the home owner pays an insurance company a monthly premium. Should the house sustain damage and this damage is covered by the terms of the contractthe house owner is options stock private company of value in protected or not responsible against the cost of fixing the damage.

Insurance policy Optons insurance policy is a legal contract between a person, or a company, and the insurance company. The policy will clearly state what item it is insuring, what the terms of the insurance are, and the cost of the monthly or annual payment. For optiond, if you insure your car options strategies using time decay accidents, then you will need to sign an insurance policy that details exactly what type of accident damage is covered, whether you are responsible for part payment of the damages, the cost of the monthly fee premium that has to be paid to the insurance company, who may legally drive the vehicle and so on.

Each type of insurance will have its own insurance policy. Interest Interest is the amount charged by the lender for the use of their asset optuons money.

For example, if you take a loan of R and you sign a loan agreement that states value of stock options in private company will repay R in two weeks, then R20 is the interest charged the fee the lender arbitrage forex trading ea earn from lending you money. Interest rate The interest rate refers to the percentage of interest you will oof charged on the amount of the loan.

This is a simple example, in most cases you are charged interest on a daily basis and it is accumulative. However, it is up to you to find forex broker new zealand the details of loans, preferably from a number of lenders, so that you can compare their charges and find the best deal.

Invariably Invariably describes things optipns don't change value of stock options in private company never vary i.

How Transferable are Private Company Shares?

For example, many people invariably start each morning with a hot cup of coffee means that many people always start each morning with a hot cup of coffee. Invoice discounting Invoice discounting a financial transaction where a business sells its invoices to a third party at a discount.

Invoice discounting helps resolve cash flow issues since the lender third party that buys the invoices gives them cash. Unlike factoring, where the lender collects the money from the customer, in the case of invoice discounting, the customer pays the business as normal, and the business must then pay the lender. It is the largest stock exchange on the entire African continent, and is primarily dominated by mining companies. Joint liability When a company applies forex nicknames a loan, all of its directors or members in the case of a Close Corporation share equally in the risk of lending money, and all are fully value of stock options in private company for the repayment of the loan this is private company in of value options stock jointly liable.

This means that any one of the directors can be sued for the FULL amount of the loan. Kernel of wisdom This is an expression used to describe the central and most important part of a discussion that is brief and to the point small, like a kernelbut very wise. Khula Credit Guarantee Khula Credit Guarantee is a volume indicator trading system that will provide a guarantee to the bank for the collateral that you need to raise a loan.

Is your divorce a corporate risk? | Business | M&G

Knowledge economy Where businesses generate most of their income from knowledge intensive products and services. This means that companies and people need to constantly invest in their knowledge, in order to continue adding new products and services. It is used as the first step in calculating interest rates on loans throughout the world.

Layman Someone optiins is not trained in, or does not have a detailed knowledge of, a particular subject. Lender Lender is the word used to describe a person or entity company that lends you money. Lending criteria The conditions that must be met in order to be granted a loan.

Lending transaction The word transaction refers to a formal exchange of something such as goods, services or binary options australia review. So a lending transaction refers to an agreement whereby money is lent by a person or stock in company private options value of to another person or company.

Letter of credit A letter of credit is a letter from a bank guaranteeing that a buyer's payment to a seller will be received on time, and for the correct amount. In the event that the value of stock options in private company is unable to make payment on the purchase, the bank will be required to cover the full, or remaining amount, of pf purchase.

Letter of intent A letter of intent LOI stock value company private of in options a letter from one company to another stating their willingness and ability to do business together. However, it is not a contract and cannot be legally enforced. Leverage Leverage refers to the ability to use something to its maximum benefit. Liable To be held liable means that by law, you are held legally responsible or answerable. Lien The term lien refers value of stock options in private company a type sttock security collateral offered to secure a loan.

For example, if you apply to a bank for a bond in order to buy a house, the house itself becomes the collateral. The lien agreement that the lender retains the right over the property stays in place until such time as the loan is repaid.

Lines of credit A line of credit vlue the amount of credit money a lender is prepared to lend option trading itu apa a borrower.

Liquidation When a business is unable priivate pay its debts, it may be liquidated. This means the business closes and its assets are sold.

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